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17 Signs You Were Raised By Foreign Parents

... football Sundays are not a thing in our households

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1. Everyone wants to come to your house to "hear them talk"


... they're not pieces of meat!

2. ... but then there's the inevitable "so...why don't you have an accent?"


3. They're VERY proud of their heritage- in weird ways

No one knows where that sweater came from

No one knows where that sweater came from

4. American staples like the PB&J were never served / Via

I'm 20 years old and have still never had one of those

5. Eating at 8pm seemed normal, until you went to an American house / Via

6pm is "tea time", aka pre dinner if you're not weak

6. Homeland music was what you were raised on / Via

... apparently I was the only 7 year old who knew every U2 and Beatles song??

7. You've been asked hundreds of times "OMG can you like talk in a British accent?" / Via

I can, but I don't want to

8. Not having an American passport made traveling extremely hard


... I also feel pretty glam though

9. Having to calculate time changes to call or Skype any relative / Via

When is night? When is day? We'll just call them now, they'll probably be awake

10. You have a slight allegiance crisis during the Olympics

Sisters / Via

Go America? No Go England! Wait.. America is winning now

11. Having to fill out your parents education for ACT is challenging / Via

What's the equivalent to secretary school? Associates? Bachelors? MOOOOOM

12. and don't even get me started on college applications

13. Trying to explain how things work to them is a physical battle / Via

Picture me as Chandler, and my parents being the couch while I try to explain to them why I wanted to join Girl Scouts, and what it was.

14. All you get when you want chocolate is "how much better my chocolate is" / Via

We get it, America isn't good at everything. Although a loss in the chocolate department is pretty tragic.

15. When they get mad, they turn into different people / Via

You have an accent?!

16. "So, do you like, love tea? And crumpets? And the Queen?!" / Via

Shut up.

17. You wouldn't trade your cultural, confusing upbringing for anything in the world.

Grandfathered / Via

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