You Can Totally Make This Hanging Herb Garden With An Old Coffee Can

    The perfect addition to your kitchen!

    Hanging Coffee Can Herb Garden

    Here's a video showing you how to make it:

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    What you need:

    Coffee can

    Permanent marker

    Handheld power drill with ¼ inch drill bit

    Can opener

    Duct tape

    Wire coat-hanger

    Wire cutters

    Long nose pliers

    2 coffee filters


    Utility knife


    Glass beads

    Glue gun and glue sticks

    Potting soil



    1. With a marker, draw 10-15 dots on the bottom of a coffee can.

    2. With ¼ inch drill bit, drill 10-15 irrigation holes in place of the dots.

    3. Place can on its side and drill 2 holes ½ inch down from the bottom rim.

    4. Using a can opener, remove the aluminum can bottom. Wearing protective gloves, sand the jagged edges of the removed can bottom with sandpaper.

    5. Place 6-8 pieces of duct tape around the circumference of the aluminum lid. Place the lid 1 inch down into the bottom side of the can and seal the tape to the sides.

    6. Using pliers, unravel the wire coat hanger and straighten the wire with your hands, leaving the already curved end intact. Using wire cutters, cut an 8 inch piece of wire off the end.

    7. Form the piece of wire into an arc and using pliers bend about a ½ inch wire on each end to resemble a hook. Place the hooked ends through the 2 holes on opposite side of the can.

    8. Flatten a coffee filter and place your coffee can on top of the filter. Draw a circle around the can onto the filter with a pen or marker. Cut out the circle and set it aside.

    9. Flatten another coffee filter and cut out a 1 inch diameter circle in the center of the coffee filter. Fold the filter in half and cut a slit up one side of the folded filter. Set aside.

    10. With an X-acto blade, cut a circle in the center of the plastic lid 2 inch in diameter. Set aside the circle, then place the plastic lid back on the coffee can.

    11. Using hot glue, decorate the outside of your coffee can with twine, glass beads, or whatever you please!

    12. Remove the plastic lid. Place smaller cut out coffee filter in the bottom of your can and fill the can about halfway with potting soil.

    12. Place herb into coffee can and fill in any remaining space left in the can with potting soil. Then, put the slit coffee filter around the plant tightly and tape the slit back together.

    13. Put plant through the hole on the plastic lid and fasten the plastic lid on can.

    14. Using the remaining wire coat hanger, cut an approximately 12 in. piece of wire starting from the curved end. With pliers, bend the other end upwards into a hook.

    15. Turn the plant upside down and hook the wire coat hanger to the handle in the coffee can. Hang above your kitchen sink, or outside.

    16. Enjoy the herb garden in your kitchen!