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    17 Paris Food Spots Where You Can Eat Well Without Going Completely Broke

    Paris may be chic, but what's chicer than saving some coin?

    When Americans hear "Paris," we often translate fancy Pah-ree into dollar signs (or, well, euros if we’re being accurate). And sure, you can spend plenty of money anywhere in Paris, but the city is lush with incredible, low-priced meals, snacks, and pastries that honestly feel like a splurge. You don't need to be rich to eat rich.

    1. Le Troisième Café

    2. Frenchie To Go (FTG)

    3. L'As du Fallafel

    4. Kodawari Ramen

    5. Bouillon Pigalle

    6. Bouillon Chartier

    7. Ravioli Nord-Est

    8. La Fontaine de Belleville

    9. Breizh Café

    10. Chez Janou

    11. Urfa Durum

    12. Bistrot Victoires

    13. Nos Grands-mères ont du Talent

    14. Boulangerie Saveurs de Pains

    15. Pain Pain

    16. Les Pâtes Vivantes

    17. La Petite Rose des Sables

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    Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed