• For Women:

  • Sexy Nighties

    There’s nothing that says fire me quite like lingerie. Leave this special garment at home if you want to keep your job.

  • Shearest Of Shear

    If you’re going to go this route, you might as well wear the sexy nighties.

  • 5 Inch Platforms

    or any platforms over two inches for that matter. These may perfect for the club, but for the office, keeps the stilts at home.

  • Victorian Corsets

    If you think this is a good idea, consult a psychiatrist.

  • Bikinis

    Unless of course you are Kim Kardashian or you work at the beach.

  • For Men:

  • Sports Jerseys

    These may be appropriate for going to the big game, but wearing this at work will not score big with your bosses.

  • Shirts That Show A Lot Of Chest Hair

    Just no!

  • Spandex

    I’m not just talking about pants here, no spandex allowed.