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What Not To Wear To Work

If you have any doubt about the items on this list your future is going to be pretty dim, unless your profession is highly specialized.

  • For Women:

  • Sexy Nighties

    There's nothing that says fire me quite like lingerie. Leave this special garment at home if you want to keep your job.

  • Shearest Of Shear

    If you're going to go this route, you might as well wear the sexy nighties.

  • 5 Inch Platforms

    or any platforms over two inches for that matter. These may perfect for the club, but for the office, keeps the stilts at home.

  • Victorian Corsets

    If you think this is a good idea, consult a psychiatrist.

  • Bikinis

    Unless of course you are Kim Kardashian or you work at the beach.

  • For Men:

  • Sports Jerseys

    These may be appropriate for going to the big game, but wearing this at work will not score big with your bosses.

  • Shirts That Show A Lot Of Chest Hair

    Just no!

  • Spandex

    I'm not just talking about pants here, no spandex allowed.

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