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What Is A Kanye West Ticket Worth?

As you all may have heard, Kanye West performed a secret show last night at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Tickets were priced at $100 face value. The show, as you would expect, sold out in a matter of seconds, and it was only minutes until the herds made their way over to craigslist for some grade A scalping. Well, maybe not grade A.

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  • 1. Courtside Knicks Tickets

  • 2. One Gift Certificate For A Premium NYC Rub 'n Tug

  • 3. Introductions To "Cool Good-Looking Available Ladies"

  • 4. Free Haircuts For A Year At A Boutique Barbershop/salon In The East Village

  • 5. Cash Amounts Over $1000

  • 6. 120GB iPod with "47,000 songs"

  • 7. A Place To Stay For Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  • 8. 2 Romeo No. 3 Cuban Cigars, by Romeo y Julieta

  • 9. Dinner For Two At Le Bernadin

  • 10. Free Christmas trees for life (plus face value of ticket and "a Michael Jordan Come Fly With Me Collector's edition VHS")

  • 11. My Brother's Girlfriend

  • 12. $100k

    The winner, by far, was the poor sap who spent $100,000 on a ticket.