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Stars Ruined By Fame

While some celebrities remain grounded and deal well with the challenges of fame and constant press, there are others who have crumbled under the pressure. Whether it's their arrogance, their holier-than-thou attitude, or their addictions, the road is downhill. Here are some stars with a fatal flaw.

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  • 1. Heidi Montag

  • 2. Justin Timberlake

  • 3. Christina Aguilera

  • 4. Ellen Pompeo

  • 5. Kanye West

  • 6. Aaron Carter

  • 7. Katie Holmes

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  • 8. Katherine Heigl

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  • 9. John Mayer

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  • 10. Macaulay Culkin

  • 11. Lindsay Lohan

  • 12. Miley Cyrus Gets Another 3 Years Till She's On This List (Lets Hope Bieber Never Gets Here)