Celebrity Moles

There’s nothing that catches your eye like a mole. Whether they are round, square or abstract, these moles are famous.

  • 1. Cindy's Lovely Mole

  • 2. R.I.P Ewan's Moles

  • 3. R.I.P Sarah's Mole

  • 4. R.I.P Enrique's Magical Mole

  • 5. Natalie's Classy Mole

  • 6. Matt's Many Moles

  • 7. Julia's Shy Mole

  • 8. David's Funny Mole

  • 9. Sarah's Talented Mole

  • 10. Gloria's Confident Mole

  • 11. Martha's Delicious Mole

  • 12. Jason's Hot Mole

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