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5 Substances Banned In 2010

Along with Four Loko, there were some other substances the government also banned in 2010. Here are a few highs you can kiss goodbye. (Via)

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  • 1. K2

    What is it? K2 was a popular and legal synthetic form of marijuana until it was banned in 2010 as more and more K2 users were admitted into hospitals for nasty side effects. (Source)

  • 2. Darvocet

    What is it? Darvocet was a popular painkiller used by 10 million Americans and was banned in 2010 due to increasing reports of deaths that resulted from heart-related side effects. (Via)

  • 3. Four Loko

    What is it? Four Loko, also known as Blackout In A Can, is a caffeinated, alcoholic, malt beverage that has recently been banned in multiple states after it caused a Central Washington University student to have a heart attack.

  • 4. Mephedrone

    What is it? This popular party drug also known as "meow meow" was sold throughout the U.K. and Europe over the Internet, posing as bath salts and plant food. It was eventually banned in 2010 when police caught on as "meph" related deaths began to spread. (Source)

  • 5. Meridia

    What is it? A weight loss drug whose users most likely believed it was a quick fix to get healthy. It was finally banned in 2010 when it was found to exacerbate heart conditions and actually encouraged the heart to have a stroke or a heart attack. (Source)