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32 Ways To Tell You Grew Up In The Golden Age Of Pop Punk

And with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

1. You always wanted to make a pilgrimage to Long Island...

2. In your chucks with angsty lyrics written all over them.

3. You've been accused of being emo, and you liked it.

4. All the boys wanted hair like Adam's.

5. And all the girls wanted hair like Audrey's.

6. Your town had one perfect pop-punk band that you thought was totally going to hit it way bigger than they did because their lead singer had a super high voice.

7. You spent a lot of time deciding which of your favorite local bands to friend and put in your top 8 on MySpace.

8. Either Blink-182 or Green Day started it all for you.

9. And from there, you moved on to this.

10. You know every word of these albums by heart.

11. And you like at least one of these bands, but probably not all of them.

12. You know the Punk Goes Acoustic version "Letters To You" is way better than the original.

13. And you've listened to The Starting Line's version of "I'm Real" more than J.Lo's.

14. You can play that one Straylight Run song on the piano, literally the only thing you know how to play. Also, you actually know who Straylight Run is to begin with.

15. You spent a lot of time looking into TBS and Brand New songs for clues about Jesse Lacey and John Nolan's epic falling out.

16. You remember being disappointed by Patrick Stump's voice the first time you saw him (but are totally proud he's worked super hard to sound just like the records today).

17. You know Panic! At The Disco was just a Fall Out Boy dance derivative, but you loved it anyway.

18. You loved Nate Ruess way before fun., when he was the frontman of The Format.

19. And you only know Gabe Saporta from Midtown.

20. You were devastated when you found out that Andrew McMahon had cancer.

21. And you did everything you could to support him through the tough time.

22. When your Victory Records sampler arrived, your week was made.

23. You knew every band on the roster of these labels.

24. You're proud to say you remember when Warped Tour was awesome.

25. And when tour flyers looked like this.

26. And you may even have a few of these.

27. The only reason you went to Barnes & Noble was to pick up the latest issue of AP.

28. And you were constantly combing the forums of Absolute Punk for the hint of a new release.

29. You used Last.FM when it was still called Audioscrobbler.

30. Your entire closet was full of band merch from Interpunk.

31. And when you were actually at a show, you lived for the merch tables.

32. And you would have DIED for this set list.