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30 Airline Meals From Around The World

It's not uncommon for airline meals to get a bad rap. However, not all of them are as unappetizing as they sound. Check out 30 airline meals that are a cut above the usual pretzels and peanuts.

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  • 1. Athens To Vienna

    Athens To Vienna

    Image Source Horiatiki Salad. Chicken breast with rice carrots and broccoli. Crackers. Custard for dessert.

  • 2. Munich To Thessaloniki

    Munich To Thessaloniki

    Image Source Veal in tomato sauce with rice.

  • 3. Athens to London

    Athens to London

    Image Source Prawns with feta cheese, tomato and herb tagliatelle. Cheese plate with dried fruits.

  • 4. Bucharest To Rotterdam

    Bucharest To Rotterdam

    Image Source Chicken with rice. Cheese and bread.

  • 5. Chicago To Dublin

    Chicago To Dublin

    Image Source Pasta salad with mixed vegetables tossed in a dressing. Dinner roll with Irish butter. Bran crackers with mild cheddar. Beef lasagna. Chocolate dessert bar. Dinner mint.

  • 6. Dublin to New York

    Dublin to New York

    Image Source Salmon rolls with chicken pate on brown bread.

  • 7. Limerick To Baltimore

    Limerick To Baltimore

    Image Source Lasagna. Pasta salad. Roll w/ butter. Cheese and crackers. Strawberry pie. Mint.

  • 8. Munich To Tel Aviv

    Munich To Tel Aviv

    Image Source Bread and butter. Cheese spread. Vegetable salad. Cream crackers. Fruit cake and a mini schnitzel.

  • 9. Mexico City to Atlanta

    Mexico City to Atlanta

    Image Source Steak with potatoes. Green beans and red bell peppers.

  • 10. New York To Moscow

    New York To Moscow

    Image Source Sandwiches: Pastrami and cabbage. Crab and asparagus. Eggplant and goat cheese.

  • 11. Samara To Moscow

    Samara To Moscow

    Image Source Chocolate cake. Fruit salad (an apple, an orange, kiwi). A salty salmon. Smoked sausage and a balyk.

  • 12. Los Angeles To Moscow

    Los Angeles To Moscow

    Image Source Salad with chicken, lettuce, tomato, red cabbage. Salmon with puree and vegetables in a sauce. Bread with butter. Yellow cake with yellow frosting.

  • 13. Moscow To Kyrgyz Republic

    Moscow To Kyrgyz Republic

    Image Source Salmon and shrimp appetizer. Little green salad. Flank steak w/ pasta. Cheese and grapes. Chocolate covered cream puff.

  • 14. Brussels to Moscow

    Brussels to Moscow

    Image Source Mini-shrimp appetizer. Green salad with mayonnaise. Dry fish w/ rice. Soft cheese wedge. Cadbury "Tempo" for dessert.

  • 15. St. Petersburg to London

    St. Petersburg to London

    Image Source Steak with potatoes. Asparagus and carrots. Tomato and mozzarella salad. Cold cut plate. Cake and fruit.

  • 16. Amsterdam To Moscow

    Amsterdam To Moscow

    Image Source Salad. Chicken with rice. Apple pie.

  • 17. Moscow To Stockholm

    Moscow To Stockholm

    Image Source Pancake rolls stuffed with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  • 18. Buenos Aires To Sao Paulo

    Buenos Aires To Sao Paulo

    Image Source Salad with cheese and slice of tomato. Lasagna with chicken. Roll with butter. Pudding.

  • 19. Resistencia To Buenos Aires

    Resistencia To Buenos Aires

    Image Source Chicken and zucchini sandwich.

  • 20. Palma de Mallorca To Frankfurt

    Palma de Mallorca To Frankfurt

    Image Source Cucumber and tomato salad. Serrano Ham, Salami and sausage. Oranges.

  • 21. Berlin To Barcelona

    Berlin To Barcelona

    Image Source Fusilli pasta with spinach and cheese sauce. Greek Salad. Orange and melon slices. pastry with vanilla filling.

  • 22. Nuremberg To Monastir

    Nuremberg To Monastir

    Image Source Chicken Kiev with cauliflower salad. Warm roll. Salted crackers. Chocolate muffin.

  • 23. Stockholm To Riga

    Stockholm To Riga

    Image Source Baked salmon. Potatoes with sour dressing. Fresh cucumbers & tomatoes.

  • 24. Ras al-Khaimah To Geneva

    Ras al-Khaimah To Geneva

    Image Source Cheese and sausage slices on bed of lettuce. Cold potato salad with peas and creamy vinaigrette dressing in wrapper.

  • 25. Algiers To Paris

    Algiers To Paris

    Image Source Chicken curry with rice and unpitted olives. Cold eggplant salad with creamy vinaigrette dressing on the side.

  • 26. Hong Kong To Beijing

    Hong Kong To Beijing

    Image Source Beef with rice, tofu and chinese cabbage. Green Salad with dressing. Fruit Salad. Bread Roll with butter.

  • 27. Tokyo To Seoul

    Tokyo To Seoul

    Image Source Steamed saffron rice with eggplant, onion, green pepper and carrots. French bread. Vegetable salad. Fresh fruit.

  • 28. Mihara To Seoul

    Mihara To Seoul

    Image Source Ham, cheese and shrimp sandwich. Sushi. Fresh Fruit.

  • 29. Shanghai To Seoul

    Shanghai To Seoul

    Image Source Cantonese prawn curry with rice and vegetables. Smoked halibut and chicken. Melon mix for dessert.

  • 30. London To Mumbai

    London To Mumbai

    Image Source Chicken Cutlet. Lamb mince with potato patty. Corn croquette. Kachori (vegetarian puff) all served with mint chutney. Fruit salad bowl. Mango dessert.