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    This Girl Threw A Funeral For The Old Taylor Swift Because We All Needed To Mourn RN

    The Old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...

    Here's what the guests saw as they entered the house:


    as well as some special artifacts from Taylor's life,

    a slideshow commemorating her life,

    and food (because this is a classy event, duh).

    What's a funeral without funeral potatoes and a "Blank Space" cake anyways?

    There was a "Pin the Lips on Taylor" station to remember two of her favorite things—lipstick and kissing

    Guests eulogized Taylor by recording their favorite memories of her

    As well as eulogized her through song singing karaoke of her beautiful lyrics.

    If they weren't wearing the traditional black, guests dressed up as different versions of the old Taylor

    But most importantly, there was a viewing, so mourners could properly pay their respects.

    RIP T.S.

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