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UNCC's School Of Architecture Wins AIA Small Project Design Competition

In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, UNCC creates a bubble-making sculpture and brings home an award.

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Effervesce aka Bubbles

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Every year, UNCC School of Architecture competes in the American Institute of Architects Small Project Practitioners (SPP) Small Project Design Competition. This year's theme was "Reflection," which encouraged the UNCC School of Architecture to honor the Pulse victims.

Aluminum, Acrylic, Bubble Soap and Human Interaction

When their idea was accepted by AIA, the UNCC Architect team had a small timeline to complete the project. Roughly about a month, so they had to quickly construct it. The sculpture is made from aluminum, acrylic, bubble soap and controlled by human interaction, i.e., blowing bubbles.

According to

“EFFERVESCE” is a plastic lattice wall that will stand in the middle of the installation site. Within the wall’s structure are 49 “vessels,” one for each life lost in the shooting. Each of these modules will contain a simple mechanism with plunger, siphon and bubble wand, allowing visitors to release bubbles into the air, creating a moment of joy in remembrance of the Pulse shooting victims. The names of the 49 will be subtly inscribed into the structure."

From AIA Convention to Orlando's LGBT Community Center

After being displayed at AIA's conference, the sculpture's permanent home will be Orlando's LGBT Community Center. The UNCC Architecture team donated the sculpture in memorial to the Pulse shooting victims and Orlando's community.

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