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QC Skit: Charlotte's YouTube Group

A group of UNC Charlotte students brings their creativity to YouTube vortex.

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UNC Charlotte Film Students Know Comedy

A way to venture into filmmaking, QC Skits seem to have mastered YouTube vortex with comedic sketches.

Backpack Guardian

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What happens when you're responsible for someone else's belongings when they go to the bathroom? Apparently, an atomic bomb explodes.

(I'm sure this is how every millennial feels when they're called out during class by their professor.)

Strictly college-rated.

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Need time off studying and writing papers? These student filmmakers deliver comedic relief for those often stressful moments.

Ever been embarrassed in front of your crush? Yeah, this guy has got you beat.

Instagram is for the cool kids?

Instagram: @qcskits

Aside from YouTube, they also have a neat Instagram presence where they showcase clips of their skits.

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