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23 Things That Happen On Every Australian Family Camping Trip

You'll wish what happened on camp stayed on camp.

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7. You'll all eventually chill out, and everyone will talk to each other about all kinds of stuff.


And for the first time in a long while, the conversations will be had face-to-face, rather than face-to-iPad, and for once, you won't need to rush off to anything else until you're all talked out.


19. The air mattress will slowly deflate.

And, being the heaviest, you'll keep the kids aloft by pushing all available air their way with your body weight. You'll feel every rock, stick and leaf.

20. Someone will pee in the very same big shared bed.

New Line Cinema

Because, obviously, the alternative of getting up and facing the monsters in the dark bushes was never going to be the chosen option. Duh.


23. And then there's the not-so-clean getaway.

And the not-so-expert attempts to get the car un-bogged and outta there.