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Perthians Can Now Get Their Nutella-Doughnut-Milkshake On

The Nutella filled, doughnutty milkshake goodness strikes again - this time in Perth.

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In a move that can best be described as savvy, popular North Perth eatery Dolcetto's Patisserie & Cafe has responded to Perthians cries for the Sydney special of the week - the Nutella-doughnut-milkshake.

Judging from the comments and likes already pouring in, the milkshake/ doughnut/ Nutella combo is feeding a very real need.

A need we didn't know we had, until this Sydney cafe started the food revolution we were all apparently desperately waiting for.

Within 24 hours of the doughnutty-Nutella-milkshake deliciousness hitting the news, Foodcraft espresso & bakery was inundated with patrons, selling 450 Tella Balls, over 400 Tella ball shakes and having to close up early when they ran out of food.

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