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    17 Things That’ll Come In Handy If You’re A Pet Owner

    Fur babies can be high-maintenance, but we love them regardless.

    1. A snuggle toy with a pulsing heartbeat that'll bring your pet comfort when they're home alone and missing you. It also comes with a heat pack that'll replicate the warmth of your cuddles.

    A dog laying on the snuggle puppy

    2. A portable shower head that'll conveniently turn any plastic water bottle into a handy nozzle, so you can hose down your pup after they've made their rounds at the park. Reviewers love that they don't need to do any pumping to get a good amount of spray.

    A person giving their muddy dog a shower with a water bottle

    3. A silicone treat mat that'll keep your furry friend occupied for a hot minute (AKA the perfect opportunity to sneak in bath time). It'll also help keep their breath fresh because licking the mat will act as a tongue scraper!

    4. An airline-approved pet carrier backpack that'll make travelling with your fur babe easy and comfortable. You can also unzip the top, so they can pop their lil' head out and take in the views.

    A dog standing up in a carrier

    5. A set of raised cat food bowls that'll encourage proper posture and better digestion for your feline friend. The design is chic and modern, so you won't have to worry about it clashing with your kitchen decor.

    The raised bowls on the floor beside each other and a cat eating out of one of them

    6. A pet hair remover if you love your little animal, but can't stand finding their hair everywhere. It'll collect every leftover strand of fur that your vacuum probably missed.

    A person using the pet hair remover on a fur-covered surface

    7. A pack of extra-strong poop bags that are leakproof, so you won't have to worry about any nasty spillage while you're walking your doggo. Reviewers say they're super thick and don't break, either.

    Someone using the poop bag dispenser on a leash

    8. An odour eliminator that'll effectively break down any stains that your pet might leave behind on your carpet (hey, accidents happen). It'll also get rid of any gross scents, so your house won't smell like a barn.

    Bottles of the cleaning product lined up beside each other

    9. A no-pull harness that'll prevent you from accidentally choking your pooch if they get a lil' too excited and yank the leash when another dog passes by. Reviewers say it's very sturdy and secure, so you won't have to worry about your pup breaking away.

    A lab with the harness on and a little kid beside the dog holding its paw

    10. An electric nail trimmer that'll help you safely file down your pet's sharp talons without having to wait for their grooming appointment. Reviewers say this is super helpful for dogs who flinch when getting their nails cut.

    Someone using the nail grinder to file down a dogs nails

    11. A GPS tracker that'll give you some peace of mind if you have a wandering outdoor cat. It has unlimited range and is waterproof, so no matter the weather or how far they go, you can rely on this gadget to keep track of your pal.

    A cat outside with the GPS tracker around its neck

    12. A car seat cover that'll protect them from getting smothered in dog hair, drool, and dirt. Reviewers say it's easy to keep clean, so you won't have to remove it every time someone wants to sit in the back seat.

    the car seat covers in the back seat of a car

    13. A calming bed for small puppers and cats that'll mimic the warmth of their mother for ultimate comfort. The raised brim will also provide a sense of security for your pet, which will help them feel safe and sound.

    The bed on a hardwood floor

    14. An automatic feeder so you can still serve up some food when you're out and about past your pet's feeding time. It has a programmable timer that you can set for four times a day, so your furry friend won't miss a meal.

    A cat beside the feeder

    15. A folding staircase if your miniature mate needs a little boost to get onto the bed. It'll also double as storage, so you can stow away their toys and bones (instead of having them sprawled all over the floor).

    A dog on the stairs

    16. A cozy waterproof blanket that'll stop any liquids from seeping through to your furniture or floors. It'll also keep your couch, bed, and chairs free from pesky pet dander.

    A cat sitting on the blanket on top of a couch

    17. And finally, a compact fur-remover broom with rubber bristles that'll attract pet hair like a magnet (and even get it out of your carpets). It even has a squeegee on the flip side that'll effectively wipe away any liquid messes your fur baby might leave behind.

    The broom collecting fur off a carpet

    There's nothing better than making your furry friend happy.

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