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    19 Secret Santa Gifts Under $50 That Anyone Would Love To Open

    You'll be everyone's favourite Kris Kringle this year.

    1. A glass tumbler with a silicone sleeve that'll make it much more comfortable to grip. Reviewers say they love that it comes with a straw — it encourages them to drink more water throughout the day!

    someone holding the tumbler

    2. A bottle of philosophy candy cane shampoo that can also be used as a shower gel or bubble bath. It'll make them want to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a traditional holiday flick.

    the bottle of shampoo surrounded by holiday ribbon

    3. A dimmable bedside table lamp that they can also use to charge their phone (it also has a USB port for additional charging purposes). Plus, it's a clock, so they won't need to clutter up their nightstand with extra gadgets.

    someone putting their phone on the lit up lamp charger

    4. A pack of Burt's Bees holiday lip products that includes a pomegranate lip balm, a lip shimmer, and a tinted balm. Now they'll have plenty of hydrating products to last them through the driest days of winter!

    the pack of lip balms beside some leaves

    5. A giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup that'll be so satisfyingly delicious to eat during the holidays. Reviewers say they love using these as stocking stuffers for all the peanut butter lovers in their lives.

    the reese's cup going into a stocking

    6. A lululemon wallet pouch with slots on the inside, so they can keep their cards organized and separated from anything else they want to put in there. It also has a clip, so they can attach it to their keys!

    7. A makeup bag that'll keep all their products organized in one place, which will make them easy to take on the go. It has a separate compartment for brushes with a transparent cover to prevent them from dirtying up the rest of the bag.

    someone touching the makeup bag with stuff in it

    8. A plush sherpa blanket that'll keep them nice and cozy while they binge watch their favourite holiday Hallmark movies.

    the blanket sprawled out over a chair

    9. A We're Not Really Strangers card game that'll encourage them to ponder deep questions and create meaningful moments with friends and family. Reviewers say it brought them closer to the people they played with, which is great for those who have trouble expressing their feelings.

    10. A silk pillowcase that'll be softer on their tresses, so they'll wake up with smoother hair in the morning. Since silk isn't as absorbent as other materials, it'll help keep their products from getting sucked into their pillowcase while they snooze.

    the silk pillowcase on a pillow on top of a table

    11. A pair of heated ear muffs that'll keep their ears warm and toasty while walking the dog, commuting to work, or running errands on chilly winter days. Unlike some traditional muffs, these ones are adjustable, so they'll sit comfortably on their head.

    the ear muffs on a blanket

    12. A makeup brush set that'll replace those old janky ones you always see them using and can't help but think, "Time for an upgrade, babe." Reviewers love how soft the bristles are and that they're easy to clean.

    Bianca holding the brushes up against a plain wall

    13. A productivity notepad with spots to jot down appointments, fitness goals, things to get done, water intake, and other inspiring things. It'll encourage them to stay on track and remain in a positive mindset each and every day.

    A person writing on the notepad on a marble desk

    14. A Revlon hair waver that'll give them some beachy-lookin' waves in no time. Since it has three barrels, it'll cover more area and speed up their styling time.

    someone using the wand in their hair

    15. A portable Apple Watch charger so they can juice up their device when they're on the go. Now they won't have to worry about their device dying before they get a chance to close their rings.

    A watch on the charger

    16. A duffel bag with a separate compartment for shoes, so their dirty soles won't touch their clean clothes. It'll hold all of their necessities and then some (plus, it's a stellar dupe for the Béis Weekender Bag).

    a three-way picture of people wearing the weekender bag

    17. A bathtub caddy tray that'll hold their tablet, phone, wine glass, snacks, books, and whatever else they need to get into relaxation mode. It has extendable arms, so you won't have to worry if it'll fit their tub or not.

    a person relaxing in the tub while watching a show on the tablet perched on their tub caddy

    18. An amika dry shampoo set that'll help them skip wash day when they're too busy to keep up with their schedule. It won't leave any white residue in their hair, and it'll leave their tresses smelling ahh-mazing, too.

    Melina holding the two bottles in her hand over a bathroom counter

    19. And lastly, a collection of Sephora Canada mini skincare products that'll cover every step in their skincare routine, so they won't have to lug around their full-size products while travelling. They come in a handy little cosmetic bag that they can reuse for other purposes, too.

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