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    These 20 Things From Simons Absolutely Deserve Your Attention

    You're about to be influenced.

    1. A ceramic fruit carton that has little cutouts, so you can conveniently wash your berries in it. It'll also make a super cute serving dish for when you want to treat your guests to some sweet produce.

    fruit in the ceramic carton

    2. A small faux croc jewellery case that'll make travelling with your jewels way easier. It has a mini cushioned ring display and other separated compartments, so everything can have its own spot.

    the jewellery case open with a couple of pieces in it

    3. An astrology necklace with a subtle zodiac sign etched into it for some *personality.* It's made of gold-plated sterling silver and has an adjustable length, too.

    the necklace with the pisces zodiac symbol on it

    4. A salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of a rabbit holding a carrot that'll be too adorable to pass up. Plus, it'll add some cottagecore vibes to your kitchen table.

    the salt and pepper shaker together

    5. A structured baguette bag if you're on the hunt for an affordable, trendy purse that you can rock day 'n' night. It features a two-way zip closure, two interior pockets, and a shiny finish.

    6. And a slim card holder that'll hold all of your cards, cash, and some coins while still being small enough to slide into your itty-bitty bags. With the card slots on the outside, it'll be easy to quickly spot which one you need.

    7. A shag rug that'll look like abstract art on your floor. Reviewers say it's plush and has a solid backing, too, so it won't slip and slide everywhere.

    8. A textured tissue box holder that'll look chic perched upon your coffee table and let you blow your nose in style. Reviewers say it fits a typical Kleenex box perfectly.

    tissues in the tissue box holder

    9. A ceramic egg crate that'll conveniently store your oeufs, so you can just grab 'em and go instead of fumbling with a carton. It'll also help when you're cooking breakfast and need a place to stabilize your eggs to stop them from rolling everywhere.

    the egg crate with eggs in it

    10. A metal compost bin that'll look cuter than the basic one you have. It'll conceal any nasty odours thanks to the carbon filter, and reviewers say it's easy to clean, too.

    11. A set of forest animal clips that'll keep your snack bags sealed, so your goodies will stay fresh for longer.

    the six clips spread out and one closing a snack bag

    12. A microwave popcorn bowl so you can make your favourite snack without the excess waste of a throwaway bag. Reviewers say it makes the perfect amount of popcorn and is easy to clean up afterwards.

    13. A pack of jewellery-cleaning wipes so you can polish your precious baubles and keep 'em looking good as new. They'll also leave an anti-tarnish shield on your jewels, so they'll look shinier for longer.

    A person polishing a gold ring with a jewelry-cleaning wipe

    14. A champagne cork so you can store your bubbly if you don't end up drinking the whole bottle. It has a leakproof design, so you can tilt the bottle on its side to make more room in your fridge.

    15. A mesh laundry bag that'll keep your delicates in tip-top shape for as long as possible. You can wash your lacey and silky undergarments in this baby, so the material won't get wrecked.

    A lingerie bag next to its packaging

    16. A three-tiered stand that'll keep your cosmetics and skincare organized, instead of all over your countertop. It has a handle, too, so you'll be able to easily transport it from one room to the next.

    The organizer on a countertop holding stuff

    17. A bath mat that'll give you a quick lil' confidence boost when stepping out of the shower. It'll also absorb water droplets and prevent you from falling and busting your booty while getting out of the tub.

    The bath mat that says "you look gooood" on the floor beside a bathtub

    18. A wall-mounted desk that'll make a convenient little workspace in any room, no matter the size. Folded down, it's a desk with plenty of storage space for office supplies, and when it's closed, it'll serve as a sleek piece of decor.

    19. Or a two-toned plywood desk that'll add a touch of Scandinavian style to your space. It's still heckin' sleek, but will give you much more room if you require a larger workspace.

    the desk on a carpet with a lamp a book and a vase on it

    20. And lastly, a sherpa throw with little pompoms that'll add some extra ✨ flair ✨ to your living room. Reviewers say it's lightweight, so you won't be sweating under a heavy pile of plushness.

    The blanket on a bed


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