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    17 ~Stylish~ Things You’ll Wanna Throw On When You’re Working Up A Sweat This Summer

    Here's to lookin' fierce and feelin' fresh.

    1. A lululemon Align tee that's so buttery soft, you'll want to live in it (even if you're not working out). It's a bit cropped, so it'll pair perfectly with comfy high-waisted bottoms.

    A person doing a yoga pose while wearing the shirt and leggings

    2. A pair of bike shorts that'll be your go-to's for walks, runs, and even casual errands. They'll help prevent any thigh chafing if you rock 'em under dresses and skirts, too.

    3. A lululemon bodysuit with a convenient built-in bra, so you can rock this baby braless. Layer a white button-down over it, and you'll have yourself a stylish, laidback 'fit.

    4. A pair of Gymshark joggers that'll honestly be so comfortable, you'll probs find yourself wearing them on the couch more than at the gym. They're high-waisted, so you can wear them with sports bras or cropped tops.

    5. A medium-impact sports bra with a 🤯 genius 🤯 back pocket that'll hold your phone or cards, so you'll have one less thing to carry to the gym. Reviewers say the support is top-notch, even when you're bouncing around (a great option for Zumba class, tbh).

    6. A headband that'll keep those stray strands from sticking to your sweaty face mid-workout (there's genuinely nothing worse). It won't slide out of place either, thanks to the velvet lining.

    A person wearing the headband and a sports bra

    7. A pair of lightweight shorts that'll help make your runs feel easy, breezy, and beautiful. Reviewers say the material dries really quickly, so you won't have to worry about having a sweat-drenched booty after your workout.

    8. A tennis skirt that'll encourage you to channel your inner Serena Williams on the court. It has built-in shorts underneath, so you can do your thang without potentially causing a scene.

    9. A T-shirt dress that'll be great to wear over your bra and bike shorts on your way to the gym. Pair it with a pair of white platform sneakers and it'll also make a super cute 'n' casual outfit.

    a person wearing the t shirt dress

    10. A zip-front sports bra that'll keep your boobs in place during high-impact workouts. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for bigger-breasted babes, so if that's you, then you know what to do.

    11. A matching set that'll inspire you to pick up those dumbbells and get that blood pumpin' — because sometimes you just need a cute ensemble to get you going. Reviewers say the waistband *actually* stays put without rolling down your back.

    A person wearing the workout set: a sports bra and shorts

    12. A pair of ruched shorts that'll bump that booty up so high, you'll probably do a double take in the mirror. Reviewers say they're squat-proof, so you can wear them to the gym without revealing the goods.

    A person wearing the shorts with a jacket and sneakers

    13. A pair of trusty adidas running shoes that'll make your feet feel like they're on cloud nine. Reviewers say they're lightweight and comfortable, so if you're quite literally always on the run, these will come in clutch.

    14. A pair of compressive Girlfriend Collective leggings that you can count on keeping everything in place during high-impact workouts. They have a hidden back pocket where you can stash your cash, key, or card.

    A trio of people all wearing the same pair of leggings

    15. A padded tank top that'll have everyone in your yoga class asking you where you got it from. Reviewers confirm it definitely delivers in the quality department and say it's great for light-to-medium impact workouts.

    16. A sleeveless tank with splits on either side that'll allow for optimal breathability when your workout gets a little too 🌶️caliente🌶️. The super lightweight material will dry really quickly, so feel free to get your sweat on!

    17. And lastly, a racerback dress with a built-in sports bra that'll give you some seamless support during medium-impact workouts. It's the perfect piece to throw on when you want to look extra cute on your hike (or while grabbing a coffee).

    Your workouts are about to become a tad more fab!

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