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    24 Fashionable Finds That Are Giving ~Main Character Energy~

    It's truly your time to shine.

    1. A pair of classic Align shorts from lululemon that'll come in clutch nearly every damn day of the summer because they're the perfect go-to for any activity (even lounging). They also have a hidden waistband pocket for your key or cards.

    A person wearing the shorts while doing yoga

    2. A scoop-neck bodysuit from Girlfriend Collective that's totally ~on trend~ right now. It has a built-in support band and you can choose either a brief or thong style, depending on whatever floats your comfort boat ⛵️.

    Three bodysuits hanging off of an arm

    3. A flowy two-piece set that'll be perfect for ✨fancier✨ summer events. The top is a basic cropped tank and the bottoms are easy, breezy, beautiful wide-leg pants, both of which are comfy and cute.

    4. A high-rise tennis skirt from lululemon that'll make you feel like a champ, even if you have no talent in the tennis department (hi, that's me lol). It features a pocket in the liner that can hold a tennis ball or, y'know, your phone.

    Person wearing tennis skirt and running shoes

    5. A set of jumbo claw clips that'll legitimately hold every single strand of hair without fail (as a long-haired girlie who owns these, I can attest to this). They'll give you the cutest go-to summer 'do that'll keep you cool and looking chic at the same time.

    A pack of two jumbo hair claw clips

    6. A bucket hat that has a little pocket to pop your cash, cards, lip balm, or key in, so you can run errands hands-free — we love style and convenience all in one.

    A person wearing the bucket hat with a sweater

    7. A cute rattan tote bag that'll come in handy for beach days or your next summer getaway. The zipper closure will help keep your goods protected from any sand or unwanted hands 👀.

    A person wearing the rattan bag

    8. A ponytail lifter that'll take your updos to a whole new level if you're in need of a little extra ~oomf~. It'll create the illusion of a thicker and more voluminous-looking ponytail without the hassle of extensions.

    Ponytail lifter product beside the packaging

    9. A pair of trendy platform slides that’ll be your new staple shoe because they’ll go with everything in your summer wardrobe. The '90s called and they said you’re about to rock these to death.

    Person wearing platform slides with an anklet on

    10. A cowl-neck slip dress that'll be great for a swanky summer night (perhaps a date?). It's made with a slinky satin material, has adjustable straps, and will jazz you up real nice.

    Person wearing the cowl neck dress in a room

    11. A pair of vintage cat-eye sunglasses that'll have you channelling your inner Hailey Bieber in no time. Reviewers say they're sturdy and durable, no signs of cheapness here.

    A person wearing the sunglasses on a chain

    12. An adorable micro backpack that'll be your BFF at any concert or outdoor event. It has one interior pocket that you can stuff with all your summer essentials, plus a smaller compartment on the outside for the things you need easy access to.

    13. A halter bra top that'll allow you to flaunt your stuff without worrying about pesky bra straps. It's made with seamless material and has a fully open back, so you won't be stuck sweating through your shirt.

    Person wearing halter bra top and jean shorts

    14. A visor-style sun hat that's adjustable and has a flat backside that'll let you lounge without a brim jabbing into your head. It's super compact, so you can just roll it up, throw it in your beach bag, and be on your way.

    15. A pair of Birkenstocks that are light, flexible, and all-around *chefs kiss* for the sweet, sweet summertime. They're made with an odour-resistant, waterproof material, which makes them très easy to wash.

    Different Birkenstocks lying around

    16. A set of small huggie hoop earrings that'll spice up your ear stack without rusting or fading. The set comes with a plain, twisted, and blinged-out styles that'll ~zhuzh~ up any outfit.

    Three sets of huggie hoop earrings against a circular piece on top of a counter

    17. A tie-waist tank dress that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion (yay for versatility). Reviewers say it's 🌶️sexy🌶️, fits great, and that the material is super soft.

    Person wearing tie-front tank dress outside with a purse

    18. A small top-handle bag that'll fit all of your essentials, and look good doing it. It's made of vegan leather and faux suede lining that'll give you the feel of ultimate luxury (it literally looks like a designer handbag).

    Person wearing the small top-handle bag outside standing on a brick pathway

    19. A gold-plated paperclip chain necklace that'll make a superb layering piece. Reviewers say theirs haven't tarnished, even after wearing it in pools and showers (even though you're not supposed to do that, shhh).

    Person wearing a button up shirt and the paperclip chain necklace

    20. A pair of platform high-top Converse that'll quite literally elevate your look. The double-stacked sole was inspired by '90s girl bands, so if you want to be the coolest person on the block, these are your best bet.

    Person wearing baggy pants and platform high top Converse

    21. A maxi dress that'll keep you feelin' fresh and 🔥fire🔥 on a hot summer day. The side slit will help you catch a much-needed breeze and walk with ease.

    22. A corset top because if you don't already have one then what are you doing? This one has enough support that you can go bra-less — no underwires, no problems.

    23. A versatile neckerchief that you can tie in your hair, around your neck, on your purse, or wear as a headband. We love a little scarf moment — it's the perfect floral accessory to summer-ify your 'fit.

    Person's side profile wearing the scarf in their ponytail

    24. And finally, high-waisted bikini that'll make you feel your best while chillin' on the beach or makin' waves in your pool. Reviewers say the top offers enough support for bigger busts (no unwanted nip slips here!) and that the bottoms give a solid amount of coverage on the booty.

    High-wasted bikini on a plain wooden floor background

    You after trying on all your new stuff:

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