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    24 Gifts That’ll Make Kiddos Put Down That Gosh Darn iPad

    These will successfully cut down their screen time.

    1. A wooden geoboard with pattern cards that'll challenge them to create different shapes. It'll encourage them to use their noggin', and reviewers say it's really relaxing, too.

    a kid playing with the geoboard

    2. A National Geographic geodes kit if they have a curious mind and a keen interest in nature. They'll have the time of their life smashing open rocks and discovering crystal treasures hidden on the inside.

    a kid using the magnifying glass to look at the cracked open geodes

    3. A pair of kid binoculars so they can get an up-close look at fascinating things, like planes, birds, and wildlife. It'll get them venturing into the great outdoors, instead of staying cooped up inside watching YouTube.

    a kid using the binoculars to look at a fruit on a tree

    4. A LEGO movie activity kit for lil' future filmmakers that'll allow them to create their very own stop-motion animation. It has beginner-friendly instructions that'll guide them in making short clips with different characters and props. And, yes, they can use a phone or tablet for this one.

    5. A pack of sweet Hot Wheels if they absolutely love cars. They'll be able to flex their imagination, or they can have even more fun with a race track that'll keep them busy for, like, a really long time.

    6. A bead kit that'll allow them to explore their creativity and unleash their inner jewellery maker. With all of the fun bits and bobs, there's no limit to how many unique pieces they can make.

    7. An over-the-door basketball hoop with an interactive scoreboard that'll cheer them on with each shot they take. Thanks to five game modes, they'll be able to play by themselves or with up to five players, or they can make up their own rules with the free play option.

    a child leaping to score a small basketball into a net that is hanging over a door

    8. A KidiZoom digital camera that'll let them take instant photos to have and to keep. They can get creative with the variety of templates, and since the pics print in black and white, they'll even be able to colour them in however they like.

    two children at a table looking at a photo

    9. A set of walkie-talkies that they can use to talk to their siblings or pals in the other room. It'll definitely make them feel like a top-secret agent, and reviewers say the sound quality is crystal-clear, too.

    a kid holding a walkie-talkie

    10. A fort-building kit that'll provide bones for their building, so their blanket walls won't come tumbling down on them. The structure glows in the dark, making it perfect for when they're chillin' in their cave at night.

    a mom and two kids building a fort

    11. A game of The Floor is Lava that'll get the whole fam up and moving. It comes with foam stepping stones (in case you won't want your kiddo climbing your actual furniture), with a game spinner and challenge cards to kick things up a notch.

    kids playing the floor is lava game

    12. A makeup kit if they love going through mom's makeup bag and playing around with all the goodies in there. Reviewers say it's super easy to wash off, which is honestly a relief if your little loves drawing all over their face.

    a child and parent doing their makeup together

    13. A science kit for science-obsessed kids who love a fun experiment. It also comes with a lab coat and safety goggles so they can get the full-fledged mad scientist experience.

    two kids wearing lab coats playing with the science kit

    14. A clay ring maker for the tots who love arts 'n' crafts and making their own jewels. It comes with gemstones and other fun stuff that'll allow them to create their very own custom designs.

    the contents of the ring-making kit laid out

    15. A too-cute-to-handle mini Dyson vacuum cleaner so they can tidy up their messes and feel accomplished afterwards. And, best of all, it's not just a toy — it'll actually suck up real bits of paper.

    a child using the dyson toy vacuum

    16. A Crayola wooden easel with a chalkboard, whiteboard, and a roll of paper, so they can go all out with their artistic abilities. It has a little tray underneath to hold all of their supplies, so everything can be in one place.

    two kids playing on either side of a wooden easel

    17. A vet play set that'll help them learn how to care for their furry friends. It's perfect for the animal lovers who have a gazillion plushies (that all need medical attention, all the time).

    a kid playing with the vet set on a carpet

    18. A Silly Poopy's Hide & Seek game that any kid will have a hoot with. The goal is to hide it and find it, but don't worry — it'll sing silly clues, so whoever is searching will definitely crack up while trying to hunt it down.

    a kid holding/hiding the silly poopy game

    19. A set of puffy stickers that'll keep them entertained while they deck out everything from their water bottles and notebooks to their toys and bedroom walls. Don't worry, reviewers say they come off really easily.

    20. Or a puffy sticker maker if they want to create their own to add to their collection. It comes with an activity book that they can decorate with their new sticky creations.

    a tool that helps make the stickers puffy with a sticker in it

    21. An LCD writing tablet that'll hopefully keep them distracted from the actual iPad for a while. If they love to doodle, they'll be captivated by the vibrant drawings they can create with this (and reviewers love that it's mess-free, too).

    a kid holding up the writing tablet in front of a christmas tree

    22. A bath crayon set so they can make the tub walls their canvas. And it won't make a mess, either, since it'll wash right off with some soap and water!

    a kid in the bath using the crayons to draw on the tub

    23. A building block mug that's compatible with actual LEGO pieces, so they can have some fun while sippin' milk and eatin' cookies. Reviewers say it entertains their kids for so long and they absolutely love it.

    the cup with steam coming out of it and building block pieces on it

    24. And lastly, a Melissa & Doug scratch art notepad that'll *wow* them by revealing a magical rainbow as they doodle away with the wooden stylus. Reviewers say it doesn't leave a bunch of residue on the table, either.

    a kid holding up the scratch paper

    Them getting ready to open their gifts:

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