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    Here Are 25 Home Gift Ideas That You're Going To Want Under Your Own Tree

    I promise they'll put these to good use.

    1. A jewellery box that'll hold their precious bits 'n' baubles, so they'll finally have a place to put their necklaces when they take them off. Since it's super chic, it'll elevate any space they decide to display it in.

    the jewellery box filled with jewellery and someone touching a bracelet

    2. A charcuterie board set with a magnetic cheese knife holder that’ll help them serve up some tasty nibbles. It also comes with an added bamboo fruit tray and two ceramic bowls for extra serving space.

    the charcuterie board and fruit tray filled with foods beside wine glasses

    3. A mini pool table if they love a good game of billiards but don't have the space for a big one in their home. They can also take it to parties with them and challenge their friends to a few games.

    the pool table on carpet next to cushions and snacks

    4. A teak bowl candle with three wicks that'll fill their room with cozy vibes. Once the candle finishes burning, the bowl can be repurposed into a decorative piece.

    the candle lit on a table

    5. A zodiac sign tapestry that'll make a great personalized gift for the avid astrology buff. It features lil' traits that define each specific star sign, so they can showcase their characteristics loud 'n' proud.

    the tapestry on a wall

    6. A nutcracker plate set that'll make their spirits bright during the festive season. The gold detailing really elevates the set, making them perfect for elegant holiday get-togethers.

    the plates on a decorated table

    7. A super cute milk mug with different groovy motifs to choose from — oat, soy, almond, or no milk. Non-dairy drinkers will appreciate a lil' piece of their personality in this gift, and now they'll always remember which cup is theirs.

    the four milk mugs on a shelf

    8. A wooden serving tray with a set of three porcelain bowls for the host with the most. Reviewers love how much fancier it makes their appetizers and sauces look!

    the tray with three bowls on it

    9. A funky printed sherpa throw blanket that's so gosh darn fluffy, they're going to want to lug it around with them all over the house. Although it's super cuddly, it's also lightweight, so they won't get uncomfortably hot.

    two people outside in the snow with the blankets wrapped around them

    10. A ceramic bust that'll be a posh lil' display for their fave plants. But if they aren't the floral type, the bust can also serve as an expensive-looking piece of decor that'll make their space look extra artsy.

    the bust with flowers in it

    11. A weighted blanket that'll essentially be like gifting them a better night's sleep. It's designed to reduce stress and calm them down — kind of like a big bear hug.

    A weighted blanket on the bottom half of a bed

    12. A breakfast-in-bed kit with coffee, pancake mix, and strawberry-basil spread so they can start their day off nice and sweet. It also comes with a crossword puzzle, so they can enjoy a slow and snuggly Sunday morning.

    A wooden tray with a plate of pancakes and a jar of jam

    13. And a set of delicious jams and jellies that'll pair perfectly with the cheese on their charcuterie boards.

    Six jars of jam stacked on top of each other

    14. A smokeless hot pot and grill that they can use to make their favourite restaurant meals at home. It can easily fit enough foot for up to eight people, so it'll be perfect to bring out at gatherings.

    the grill on a table filled with and surrounded by food

    15. A Fire TV Stick that'll let them access every app and streaming service directly on their TV. They'll even be able to blast their tunes, search for content, or browse platforms without ever getting off the couch, thanks to built-in Alexa.

    Melina holding the Fire TV Stick

    16. A set of cylinder-shaped wine glasses that'll be a total upgrade from their basic stemware. The modern design of the glass isn't just a chic feature— it actually helps aerate the wine, too.

    A person holding a glass with wine in it

    17. A tabletop fire pit so they can make s'mores indoors, where they'll stay as toasty as their marshmallows. Since it's so small, they'll be able to transport it just about anywhere.

    a close up of the concrete indoor fire pit on a tabletop

    18. A mini projector that they can easily use in any room if they feel like switching up their viewing sitch. And the sound quality is clear as day, thanks to the built-in stereo speaker.

    a family watching a movie in their living room from a projector on a table

    19. A Ninja air fryer with two baskets, so they can say goodbye to back-to-back cooking and delayed dinners. They'll be able to simultaneously cook two different foods (at two different temperatures, too)!

    a person putting asparagus into one of the air fryer baskets

    20. An over-the-door shoe organizer for the shoe-obsessed sneakerheads, and fashionistas. It'll help keep their collection organized and on display, so they won't go digging for the pair they need last minute.

    the shoe rack on the door

    21. A viral Our Place Always Pan that'll replace all of their other cookware. On top of its functionality (it can braise, roast, sear, and just about everything else), it's also got a non-stick coating and has a pour spout for mess-free serving.

    22. And a matching Our Place Perfect Pot that'll roast, steam, bake, and so much more. It also comes with a beechwood spoon that's designed to nest on the pot, so they won't have to deal with sauce-covered counters.

    a person putting a pot into the oven

    23. An HP all-in-one printer that'll copy, scan, and print their documents, so they'll finally stop asking you to print their return slips for them. It's also wireless and compatible with an app, so they can adjust everything from their phone.

    24. A spice carousel that'll help them organize and store their seasonings. Since they'll have everything on display, they'll know exactly when it's time to top up.

    the spice rack on a kitchen counter

    25. And lastly, a bar cart that'll keep their liquor collection and cocktail necessities together in one spot. It also has locking wheels, which will keep the cart stationed so they won't have to fear it rolling away.

    The bar cart in a dining room with bottles, coffee, wine glasses, and flowers on it

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