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    If You're Craving Some Self-Care Right Now, Check Out These 17 Hair, Skincare, And Beauty Items From Amazon Canada

    You might just find your new holy grail product in this list.

    1. A bottle of Maybelline Fit Me foundation that'll mattify your skin and give you a full-coverage finish (without making you look like you have ten pounds of makeup on). Reviewers say a little goes a long way, so one bottle will last you a while.

    A person holding a bottle of the foundation in front of flags

    2. A Maybelline lip gloss that'll make your lips look juicy and plump, just how you like 'em. Reviewers say it's not sticky at all, so you won't have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your mouth on a windy day.

    Bianca putting the lip gloss on her lips

    3. A foot file if you're sick of your sandpaper heels catching on your bedsheets at night. Reviewers say it has made their feet super soft and has significantly reduced stubborn calluses.

    4. An ice roller that'll bring some blood flow back into your face after a night of deep sleep (or lack of). It'll help reduce early morning swelling and soothe irritation from pesky breakouts or skin ailments.

    5. A waterproof liquid liner from L'Oréal that'll stay put all day long without smudging everywhere. It also comes with a mini stencil, so you can nail the perfect wing every time.

    Two of the eyeliners, one with the lid on and one open with the cap off

    6. A tube of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara that'll fan out your lashes and *actually* keep them curled, thanks to the curved wand. Reviewers say the lightweight formula doesn't clump, so you won't be left with chunky lashes.

    7. A Revlon one-step hair dryer that'll dry and style your hair simultaneously, which will save you a lot of time when getting ready. Your friends will seriously wonder if you just left the salon once they see your voluminous mane.

    8. A pack of face scrubbers that'll buff away dead skin like a dream and get all the gross stuff out of your pores. They're made with silicone, so they'll be nice and gentle on sensitive skin.

    The scrubbers laid out on a table

    9. A wet brush that'll detangle your hair without ripping it out of your scalp (bless). Reviewers say it's lightweight and comfortable to hold, which will make brushing your mane feel like less of a task.

    a person using the vented brush

    10. A makeup sponge case if you find yourself tossing your beauty applicator into your messy makeup bag, where it can collect dust and dirt. The vented design will allow it to breathe, so it'll be able to dry in there.

    A person placing a cover over a small makeup sponge holder

    11. A NYX eyebrow pen with an ultra-fine tip that'll help you achieve fluffy, but natural-looking brows. It's perfect for filling in gaps since it mimics the appearance of real hair without being too harsh.

    a person holding up a nyx brow pen next to their eyebrows

    12. An Aveeno hand mask that'll be a major lifesaver in the winter because it'll repair your cracked, dry hands and make them feel softer than ever. Reviewers say it even helped soothe their eczema and psoriasis.

    The hand and foot mask on a table

    13. And a pack of exfoliating foot masks that'll leave your stompers looking and feeling ✨fresh✨. All you'll have to do is wear them for an hour and their magic will start working after a few days — prepare to shed your dead skin like a snake.

    14. A COSRX moisturizer infused with snail mucin that'll help plump and hydrate your skin. It's a lightweight gel consistency that reviewers say immediately soothes any irritation.

    A jar of the moisturizer on top of the cream

    15. A bottle of biotin hair serum that'll help your locks grow thicker and longer with consistent use. Reviewers say it doesn't leave their hair lookin' all greasy either, which is a major bonus.

    The bottle of serum beside the packaging

    16. A jar of Mario Badescu silver powder that'll help unclog your pores, shrink their appearance, and mattify your complexion all at once. If you use it twice a week, you'll consistently prevent build-up in your pores.

    17. And lastly, a bottle of creamy body wash made with oatmeal and shea butter that'll soothe your skin and keep your bod feelin' silky smooth. Reviewers say it's perfect for their sensitive skin and smells 💯, too.

    May holding the bottle of body wash

    Time for a self-care day!

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