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7 Best Chick Tracts To Read This Halloween

There's a Chick Tract for every occasion and every holiday, but the ones for Halloween and the occult are, by far, the best. So grab some apple cider and some mini Snickers and sit back and enjoy. And Happy Halloween!

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A perennial favorite, especially among gamers, not just for the iconic "NOOOOO, NOT BLACK LEAF!" but also because of their surprise at discovering they've been unknowingly auditioning for a place in an evil witch coven all these years.


A look at the historical origins of Halloween as only Jack Chick can do history, as well as being a warning about what modern-day Druids are up to October 31, as they prepare for blood sacrifices to their Death God Samhain (which was a festival and not a god).


A cautionary tale for children about the dangers of Halloween, made even more enjoyable by the reappearance of evil Ms. Henn (notice she's single, and possibly a lesbian) and angelic Susy, who also both starred in, "Apes, Lies & Ms. Henn."

5. BOO!

Worth reading just for the sight of the evil Pumpkinhead Demon, who is either Satan or the never-existed Celtic Death God Samhain acting as Satan's emissary at an evil Halloween party held at camp Basil Bub (for real). This point is a bit confusing.

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