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    Oct 13, 2013

    29 Notable “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Guest Stars

    Think you spy a familiar face lurking in the background of a “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” episode? That’s probably because you do. More than a few future stars grace the Buffyverse.

    1. Amy Adams

    One of award-winner Amy Adams' first roles was as Tara's brainwashed Fundiesque cousin Beth in "Family" (Season 5, Episode 6).

    2. Ashanti

    Actress-singer Ashanti was yet another one of Xander's bad dates as the demon Lissa in "First Date" (Season 7, Episode 14).

    3. Eion Bailey

    Star of "Band of Brothers" and "Once Upon A Time," Bailey appeared as Kyle in "The Pack" (Season 1, Episode 6).

    4. Eric Balfour

    Best known for stints on "Six Feet Under," "24," and "Haven," Eric Balfour was Xander's ill-fated buddy Jesse in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (Season 1, Episode 1).

    5. Hinton Battle

    Actor, dancer, and Tony-Award winner Battle played Sweet, the demon with soul, in "Once More with Feeling" (Season 6, Episode 7).

    6. Julie Benz

    Cast as Darla, the first vampire to appear on "BTVS" in "Welcome to the Hellmouth," Benz became a recurring guest star on "Angel," and has been a regular on "Dexter," "No Ordinary Family," and "Defiance."

    7. Rachel Bilson / Via http://

    Headliner of "Hart of Dixie," Bilson started off her career as Potential Slayer Colleen in "Dirty Girls" (Season 7, Episode 18).

    8. Alex Breckenridge

    After playing Dawn's friend Kit in "Lessons" (Season 7, Episode 1), Breckenridge has appeared in "She's the Man," "Family Guy," "Dirt," and "American Horror Story."

    9. Dean Butler

    Buffy's mostly-absent father Hank Summers, played by Dean Butler, is known to TV audiences as Almanzo Wilder and Moondoggie.

    10. Clare Cramer

    Cramer kicked ass as Season Five's Big Bad Glory, and has starred in other cult favorites like "Bring It On" and the D.E.B.S. short.

    11. Lindsay Crouse

    Professor by day and Director of The Initiative 24/7, unethical and pretty evil Maggie Walsh was played by veteran actress Lindsay Crouse.

    12. Felicia Day

    Known in the Buffyverse as Potential Slayer Vi, fantasy maven and twitter star Day also stars in "Supernatural" and her own online series, "The Guild."

    13. Clea Duvall

    Star of "Argo," "21 Grams," and "But I'm A Cheerleader," Duvall played the bullied and invisible Marci Ross in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" (Season 1, Episode 11).

    14. Conchata Farrell

    The Emmy-winning veteran character actress played creepy Nurse Greenleigh in Season 2's "Go Fish."

    15. Carmine Giovinazzo

    "CSI: NY" star Carmine Giovinazzo's claim to Buffy fame is as the first character ever killed on "BTVS," slaughtered by Darla in "Welcome to the Hellmouth."

    16. Joel Grey

    Glory's demon sycophant Doc was played by Academy Award-winner Joel Grey.

    17. John Hawkes

    Custodian and unwilling ghost whisperer George in "Only Have Eyes for You" (Season 2, Episode 19), John Hawkes is better known for roles in "Perfect Storm," "Winter’s Bone," "Martha Marcy May Marlene," "Contagion," "The Sessions," "Lincoln," and "Deadwood."

    18. Bianca Lawson

    Activated after Buffy died in "Prophecy Girl," Kendra the Vampire Slayer was played by Bianca Lawson, later star of "Save the Last Dance," "Pretty Little Liars," "Dawson’s Creek," "Vampire Diaries," and "Teen Wolf."

    19. Mark Metcalf

    The Master on "BTVS" and "Angel," respected stage actor Metcalf's breakout role was as toolish ROTC leader Doug Neidermeyer in the cult classic "Animal House."

    20. Wentworth Miller

    The future "Prison Break" and "Resident Evil" star was Gage in Season 2's "Go Fish."

    21. Kal Penn

    Cast as obnoxious college student Hunt in "Beer Bad" (Season 4, Episode 5), Penn continued on to "House," the "Harold and Kumar" movies, "24," "How I Met Your Mother," and as Associate Director of the Obama Administration's White House Office of Public Engagement.

    22. Kali Rocha

    This "Grey's Anatomy" and "Meet the Parents" actress played both Halfrek the Vengeance Demon and the pre-sired Spike's unrequited love, Cecily.

    23. John Ritter

    Joyce's evil robot beau "Ted" (Season 2, Episode 11) was played by the late veteran actor John Ritter, star of "Three's Company, "Slingblade," Bad Santa," and "8 Simple Rules."

    24. Robin Sachs

    Cast as Giles' turncoat pal Ethan Rayne in seasons 2-4 (and who also appears in the canonical graphic novels), the late Sachs also appeared in "Torchwood," "Resident Evil," "Babylon 5," and "Lost World."

    25. Vincent Andrew Schiavelli

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High"'s creepy science teacher Mr. Vargas was also Jenny Calendar's Uncle Enyos Kalderdadh in Season 2's "Surprise" and "Innocence."

    26. Armin Shimerman

    Quark on "DS9," Shimerman's crooked and kinda evil Principal Snyder met his demise at the mouth of the Mayor's demon form in the Season 3 finale "Graduation Day."

    27. Danny Strong

    Strong played affable geek Jonathan Levinson in all seven seasons of "Buffy," and has since become an award-winning screenwriter, inking scripts for "Game Change," "The Butler," and the third Hunger Games installment "Mockingjay."

    28. D. B. Woodside

    Woodside played Robin Wood, son of Slayer Nikki Wood, enemy of Spike, and the last principal of Sunnydale High, and has also starred in "24," "Parenthood," "the Practice," "Single Ladies," and "Once and Again."

    29. Harris Yulin

    The late Harris Yulin enjoyed a distinguished 40-year acting career, and is best remembered by "Buffy" fans as Quentin Travers, head of the Watchers' Council and Buffy's uneasy ally.

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