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23 Of The Most Awesome Jesus Paintings Of All Time

Regardless of what faith tradition you may or may not follow, we can all agree there have been wonderful works of art depicting Jesus Christ. These aren't any of those.

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1. Lucha Libre Jesus.

2. Suffer the Little Dinosaurs Jesus.

3. Bad Plastic Surgery Jesus.

4. Afterschool Special Jesus.

5. Lesbian Jesus.

6. Bad Veneers Jesus.

7. Mickey Mouse Jesus.

8. Bubba of the Sacred Heart Jesus.

9. Rambo Jesus.

10. The NeverEnding Story Jesus.

11. Selfie Jesus.

12. Kill the Dinosaurs Jesus.

13. Hockey Jesus, Eh?

14. Touchdown Jesus.

15. Blue Suede Shoes Jesus

16. RTBA Jesus.

17. OK Cupid Jesus.

18. Miami Ink Jesus.

19. CEO Jesus.

20. Bigfoot Jesus.

21. Commie Jesus.

22. Opposite Day Jesus.

23. Batting Coach Jesus.

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