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21 Of The Creepiest "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Little Bads

Big Bads like Angelus, Glory, and The First get most of the attention and err... glory in the Buffyverse, but some of the most memorable villains are the Little Bads, including these little guys.

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2. Ted Buchanan

Joyce's new beau Ted (John Ritter) is an affable and friendly guy, except to Buffy, whom he clearly wants out of the way. The discovery that he's a robotic Bluebeard who has been slipping drug-laced cookies to everyone made kids everywhere wonder about their mom's new boyfriend.

3. Caleb

Defrocked serial killer of women, Caleb (Nathan Fillion) acted as The First's Punisher, and almost succeeded in destroying Buffy, Faith, the Potentials, and the entire world. His soft Southern accent wrapping itself around misogynistic words of hate was hair-raising.


4. D'Hoffryn

Anya's seemingly jolly boss D'Hoffryn (Andy Umberger) was actually a powerful demon and the ruler of the hell dimension Arashmaharr, as well as a sadist whose motto was "Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain."

6. The Gentlemen

Considered by many fans as the creepiest Little Bads of the creepiest Buffy episode ever. The silent and quite dapper Gentlemen render a town literally speechless so they can rip out seven hearts for their collection. Played by Camden Toy, Doug Jones, Don Lewis, and Charles Brumbly.

7. Gnarl

A demon who flayed and ate human skin via the death of a thousand cuts method, Gnarl (Camden Toy) has to seriously be one of the creepiest Buffy villains ever. The sounds, the voice, the all invasive ickiness when he flays Willow causes shudders years later.


9. Zachary Kralik

Hater of Women. Serial Killer. Violent Psychotic. What better vampire to use for Buffy's Tento di Cruciamentum? Zachary Kralik (Jeff Kober) is truly one of the creepiest Little Bads ever on Buffy, as he tortures and taunts Buffy after kidnapping Joyce.

10. Faith Lehane

Buffy and Faith always had a weird dynamic (even after Faith’s redemption), wrought with jealousy, betrayal, love, hate, and understanding. Faith the Rogue Slayer (Eliza Dushku) was made, not born: abusive and neglectful parents, seeing her first Watcher torn to shreds before her eyes, and feeling alienated from Buffy and the Scoobies all helped drive her mad. An insane Faith proved that the worst villain is often the one who knows you best and knows just what buttons to push.


12. Amy Madison

First seen as a young witch controlled by her evil witch mother, Amy (Elizabeth Anne Allen) surpassed her mother in evilness, becoming an enemy to the Scoobies, and ultimately a very real and very dangerous villain in the series' graphic novel continuation.

13. Gwendolyn Post

Sent to Sunnydale as Faith's Watcher, Gwendolyn Post (Serena Scott Thomas) was actually a rogue Watcher after the powerful Glove of Myhnegon, but her worst villainy was in driving a huge wedge between Faith and Buffy, the catalyst for Faith becoming the Rogue Slayer.

14. Anne Pratt

All poor William Pratt wanted after being sired by Drusilla was for his consumption-ridden Mum (Caroline Lagerfelt) to have eternal life. Instead, his post-sired Mum was a cruel and mocking demon who tried to shag him, leading to his staking her and himself becoming Spike.


17. Sineya the First Slayer

Forcibly bound to the ground as a rape sacrifice to a demon, most of Sineya's humanity was then ripped from her as the First Slayer was born. Affronted by Buffy and the Scoobies harnessing the Slayer's essence in "Primeval," Sineya (Sharon Ferguson) attacks them in their dreams. Later, she is key to Buffy defeating both Glory and The First, as well as being important in the Season Eight continuation. "Death is your gift."

18. Sunnydale's Parents

Lets face it, any parent who willingly raised their kid in Sunnydale had to be either evil or have a screw loose, but Sunnydale's parents took this to new heights when magical mass hysteria whipped them into a witch-hunting frenzy, with Buffy, Willow, and Amy narrowing escaping being burnt at the stake.


20. Veruca

We immediately knew something was off with Veruca (Paige Moss) when we discovered she was the frontwoman for proto-hipster band "Shy." Finding out she was a werewolf who not only mated with Oz but also tried to murder Willow just confirmed our suspicions.

21. Watchers' Council

Founded in antiquity by the Shadow Men, who utilized demon rape to create the First Slayer, the Watchers' Council never really improved their track record of how they treated the young women put into their care. Lies, murders, coverups, strong-arming, corruption, Tento di Cruciamentum, they generally sucked so much we didn't care all that much when Caleb and the Bringers killed most of them.

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