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18 Best Things About Not Being A Football Fan

Whether it's college football or the NFL, some of us really don't pay attention to what's happening on the griddle or gridiron or whatever it's called. We've discovered over the years that there are a lot of advantages to our disinterest.

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1. There's never a wait at Starbucks during the game.

2. You can wear whatever color you want.

3. And don't have to be wear silly headgear.

4. Or impolite shirts.

5. Or brainwash poor little babies before they can even know which team they support.

6. You don't have to defend liking certain teams

7. Or worry about your car being keyed.

8. There's one less thing to base your dating decisions on.

9. You only have differing political opinions to worry about at Thanksgiving

10. You will never, ever have this wedding cake.

11. This line disappears on game days.

12. You are hangover-free on Mondays.

13. And not sleep-deprived on Tuesdays.

14. Game time is a perfect time to catch up on your torrents (not that any of us ever download anything illegally — ever).

15. You don't get into huge football-related fights with lifelong friends on Facebook that end badly.

16. You save a ton of money not buying team-themed merchandise

17. Watching "Downton Abbey" in your climate-controlled living room.


18. Finally, you will never, ever throw snowballs at Santa while booing him and thus earning your place on his Naughty List for all eternity.

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