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Harry Styles' Beauty Evolution

In honor of the release of Harry's new song "Sign of the Times" last week, let's revisit Harry's various 'dos over the years.

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1. Fresh off the X-Factor, 16 year old Harry already has a signature look: the floppy curls. (2010)

2. One Direction's first single, "What Makes You Beautiful," came out in late 2011. Harry debuted a sideswept hair style to match. (2011)

3. Harry begins to find his style and rocks a beanie. (2012)

4. During his Taylor Swift era, Harry's hair is EXTRA voluminous. (2012)

5. Post T-Swift, Harry debuts a new brushed back 'do. (2013)

6. Harry's hair literally defied gravity at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards. It also made us realize- oh, so THIS is why bigger is better. (2013)

7. Continuing down the rockstar path, his pompadour grows. (2013)

8. I think we can all agree Harry went through a bit of an awkward phase with the bandana. (2014)

9. And then we all realized that the bandana was worth it because of his new grown-out, luscious locks. (2014)

10. Harry looked fashion-forward at the 2015 Summertime Ball. (2015)

11. As One Direction announced their hiatus, Harry debuted his longest hair yet. (2015)

12. The internet exploded when Harry debuted his haircut for his soon to be released WWII film "Dunkirk." Thoughts? (2016)

13. Harry released the cover for his self-titled album this week featuring a sneak peak of Harry's latest 'do. (2017)

Harry Styles Track List1. "Meet Me in the Hallway"2. "Sign of the Times"3. "Carolina"4. "Two Ghosts"5. "Sweet Creature"6. "Only Angel"7. "Kiwi"8. "Ever Since New York"9. "Woman"10. "From the Dining Table"

Harry Styles Track List

1. "Meet Me in the Hallway"

2. "Sign of the Times"

3. "Carolina"

4. "Two Ghosts"

5. "Sweet Creature"

6. "Only Angel"

7. "Kiwi"

8. "Ever Since New York"

9. "Woman"

10. "From the Dining Table"

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