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29 Moments Every College Graduate Experiences

"Why do you want to work selling telecommunications/insurance/etc?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" "How do you want to grow with this company?"

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1. You are super proud of yourself for finally finishing college

2. You are too excited to care about the grades you worked so hard for

3. You realize now you have to find a job

4. It's ok, you worked hard in school, you are bound to find something soon! Three or four weeks tops!

5. You realize you are qualified for NO jobs that have to do with what you studied!

6. You were like I've got this!!! But... You don't

7. You get really bored of waiting for a job you are qualified to just show up

8. You decide to boost up your resume a little and apply to a few more jobs

9. Wait a minute... you COULD do the things they ask you to do on those other jobs... so you apply to EVERY job... at this point you don't even care

10. Spanish? Programming? CPR? Yes! You were in a Spanish class in High School, you programmed your microwave to display the correct time and you must certainly HAVE watched Grey's Anatomy & Scrubs enough to maybe perform CPR!

11. Then you get mail from the bank telling you that you need to start paying your loans soon... or WORST your parents telling you that you can no longer use their credit card for take out and Netflix

12. You have applied to everything and there is no answers

13. You question every decision you've made your entire life!

14. There is nothing that you can do

15. You will have no money for rent or clothes or food! You are doomed!!

16. That's when you finally get an interview!! ... For a job that has nothing to do with anything you know

17. So you go to the interview and they ask you about your past experience... Did you really teach children in need when you were in Cancun?

18. By some miracle of God you get the job... Are you interested Mr(s). ______?


20. You will start Monday!! Party this weekend!!!

21. And you start and now you have to do all of these tasks that you have no idea how to do

22. You wonder when an adult will come and tell you what to do

23. Then you realize you are the adult and you are expected to do this

24. And after doing it for a while... you know you might be able to do this!

25. And maybe it's boring but you do it... day after day

26. You start to wonder if with this work experience maybe you could do something else

27. And what happens next?

28. But even if you have a boring job... you can still afford wine!

29. Just remember... you've made it this far! And even if it is not right now we will all eventually figure it out

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