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21 Times You Were Taylor Swift And Not Beyonce

Because everyone is awkward in life

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1. When Beyonce skipped her awkward phase and was a teenager like this

While in your life you were a teenager like this

2. Whenever Beyonce gets scared she looks like this

And when you get scared you are not pretty scared... you are fall down on the floor scream in terror Taylor Swift scared

3. When Beyonce watches an award show she smiles and enjoys it looking like this

While in your living room you freak out over artists and look like this...

Or like this...

Or maybe even this...

4. And while Beyonce and her friends hang out like this

You and your friends do things like this

5. And while Beyonce on her days off looks like this

You are a lot more like this

6. Then there's when Beyonce gets excited like this

And you look like this

7. And whenever Beyonce wears glasses she looks amazing like this

And you could be cool about it... but your adorkable self in glasses looks more like this

8. Whenever Beyonce is around her husband they are cute and in love like this

And whenever you are with your boyfriend... or date... or just any guy you might or might not be interested in at this point you are all like...

9. And whenever Beyonce's skirt rides up by the wind... she's all like...

While you are all like... SPANKS!!! SPANKS!!!

10. Also whenever Beyonce does something super sexy and exciting everyone is like "of course! she's Beyonce!"

But when you try something different everyone's like "ummm yeah no"

11. When Beyonce gets mad and she looks glamorously mad like this

And when you get mad you look like a little kid going to his/her safe place this

12. And when Beyonce has a bad moment on stage...

She recovers like this!

But when you have a weird moment

or moments

You would be a little more like this

13. Or the time Beyonce got excited over the holidays she shows it in a little holiday spirit like this

But not for you... for you it is ALL or ...

14. When Beyonce dances she's all like this

But you my awkward friend... you think you look good doing this

15. And when Beyonce gets asked about something she does not want to talk about... she's like

While you are like...

16. And while Beyonce is too busy flirting like this

You are probably doing it like this

17. When Beyonce tries to make an entrance... she does it like this

Yours will be a lot more like this

18. While Beyonce Chooses Bling Like This...

You decide you can totally pull something like this off...

19. And while Mrs. Carter knew what she wanted and she got it...

Most of the time your love adventures go a little like this...

20. You look at her and realize that Beyonce is just perfection at any time!

And you sit there just wondering how that happens!

21. So even if you fangirl over her all the time...

Just let Beyonce be her awesome self

And you be your awkward/weird/charming/adorable self

Because if you were half as cool as her... you would probably not be able to do or say things like this

There you go!

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