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12 Agenda Items Now That Trump Is President

Keep the momentum of this Anti-Trump movement going! We may have been crying on our couches all winter since Election Day, but now you know you are not alone. Collective action is the only way to get to critical mass and sweetly usher these bastions of systemic oppression, unequal opportunity, corporate cronyism, scofflaws, ethical miscreants..... ad infinitum..... OUT of office!

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1. Vote in every election. Make sure you pay attention to local and state elections. When you see political yard signs blooming, just double check that you are registered to vote.

2. Make sure you got that 2020 vision. The 2020 Census will be used for redistricting, therefore it is imperative that our ground game is strong so we can combat gerrymandering.

3. Run for office. You don't need Koch brothers money to win if you got a strong community focused campaign.

Because so often those in office don't run for you.

4. Use primary sources whenever possible and support in-depth investigative journalism.

Facts often don't reveal themselves.

5. Don't participate in ad hominem attacks. Attack arguments using logic and don't descend into name calling.


6. Don't feed the trolls. It is a waste of your energy.

Even psychiatric professionals don't treat sociopaths.

7. Acknowledge that there is not one way to be an advocate. And not every belief has to perfectly match when you are coalition building for positive social change.


8. Use Charity Navigator to ensure that money you donate actually goes to a good cause.

Do you support accountability?

9. Don't be narrow about how identities can be defined.

People that dismiss "identity politics" often dismiss the humanity of those that aren't part of the white male heteronormative cisgendered patriarchy.

10. Boycott brands that support causes you are against.

The profit from purchases partially goes right into lobbyists pockets.

11. When shit is going down call your legislators and make your voice heard.

Only participatory democracy can combat oligarchy.

12. Tip Your Bartenders

They work hard and will cut you off if you start getting belligerent and lose sight of the mission's objectives.

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