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Top 7 Ocean Conservation Misconceptions

revealing the mysteries of the ocean

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7. Pollution is only a problem on land

Many people believe that pollution only poses a real threat to the environment on land, but pollution in the ocean can be equally as damaging.

6. Plastic in the ocean mostly comes cruise ships and other boats.

Although some of the plastic and trash in the ocean is generated from cruise ships and other boats, majority of the plastic that winds up in the ocean comes from single use plastics on land.

5. When plastics end up in the ocean, it is only a trash problem

While plastics in the ocean do dirty the water and create a trash problem, more importantly they appear like food to marine life. When animals see it, they mistake it for food and consume it, which can lead to the death of that animal, therefore decreasing biodiversity and the stability of the environment.

4. The ocean has unlimited resources.

Despite popular belief, the ocean does have a limited amount of resources. When fish are being caught faster than they can reproduce, and people carelessly pollute the ocean it will run out of resources in a timely fashion.

3. 60% of marine pollution comes from land

A whopping 80% of ocean pollution comes from land. Human impact on the ocean is much greater than most people know.

2. Polluted seas not only hurt marine life.

Some people believe that the pollution in the ocean does not effect us. However, when the oceans are polluted it effects all aspects of human life. It can cause sicknesses in people such as upper respiratory infections, and it can contaminate ground and well water.

1. Using fertilizer effects all ocean life through biological magnification.

Fertilizer that is used on land can runoff the land and end up in the ocean. When this happens, eutrophication or excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water causes death of animal life due to a lack of oxygen.

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