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    25 Essentials New Parents Don’t Know They Need Yet

    Add these to your baby wishlist, or gift them to get elevated to godparent status.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A nappy subscription is the gift of all gifts to yourself. You never need be without, even on a week of bad tummies.

    Amazon / Via

    Choose how often you want them and *ding dong* nappies at your door. Believe me, lugging bags of nappies out of the supermarket is *not* the one. 

    Price: £20.89 for 144 nappies delivered every month when you select 'subscribe and save'. 

    2. This cute silicone teether will become a BBF as baby gnaws on it for relief from sore gums.

    Amazon / Via

    Every mum who’s had a Sophie la Giraffe swears by it. Reviewers say this best-seller is easy to hold and great for stimulating all the five senses, so when you hear the cute squeak you know your baby’s loving it too.

    Price: £12

    3. Every baby loves bubbles and they come out plentiful and fast from this bubble machine.

    Amazon / Via

    Pour the bubble liquid in the dog’s mouth and up, up, and away the bubbles go. 

    Price: £8.99 

    4. Reviewers say this foam shampoo eye shield is simple but really works.

    Amazon / Via

    Bath time’s all fun and games until you whip out the dreaded shampoo! Then it's horror movie screams come rinse time. I know which one I’d choose out of my eardrums or the sound of bath time fun.

    Price: £3.49 

    5. The more baby sleeps, the more shut-eye you get. With this portable blackout blind you might sneak in an extra hour or two.

    Amazon / Via

    Day turns into night as this blocks out the sunlight wherever you are, whatever the time. With over 10,000 ratings, parents love how easy it is to adjust, hang up, and take down.

    Price: £37.10 

    6. I saw *hearts* when I found this stroller cup holder which carries your travel mug and phone.

    Amazon / Via

    No more missed calls or time wasted searching for your phone as it rings in your changing bag. You can swap the travel mug for baby’s bottle, if you’re feeling uber generous. 

    Price: £13.99 

    7. These award-winning buggy clips are a must-have for any self-confessed shopaholic.

    Amazon / Via

    Mums and dads say these adjust to fit any buggy handle and carry a decent amount of weight. They come in a two pack so you can clip your changing bag, shopping bags, and handbag either side. I say let the buggy clips take the strain and save the workout for bootcamp. 

    Price: £7.99 for two. 

    8. This baby hip carrier even makes light work of carrying a three-year-old who wants to cling on.

    Amazon / Via

    Better your baby sits on a seat than hurting your hips. This also takes the pressure off your back, arms, and shoulders with the option to buy an extender belt.

    Price: £20.99 

    9. This battery-operated milk frother will whip up a perfect frothy foam at home when you can't get to a coffee shop (admittedly this is more of a gift for you than baby).

    Amazon / Via

    No new parent should go without their caffeine fix even if they’re short on time or cash for a coffee shop trip. In seconds you’ll be donning a milk moustache!

    Price: £12.99 

    10. The ‘I drop, you pick it up’ game is fun for all of a minute and then it’s time to grab for this suction toy.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s small enough to take wherever you go. Just stick it on the table or tray and let them do their worst.

    Price: £4.99 

    11. Three words: cracked. Nipples. Ouch. This 100% natural lanolin nipple cream is a serious game-changer.

    Amazon / Via

    Ladies, apply this before breastfeeding and this will ease your pain. And it’s not only great for nips, it’s by far one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used. Yep, I said it, and so have many other reviewers too!

    Price: £7.95 

    12. There's no need for clean-ups with this inkless handprint kit, so the only thing you’ll be left with is happy memories.

    Amazon / Via

    In that first year of baby’s life I could barely remember my name so I captured special moments in print. One tip – baby needs to be still and willing or, in a word, asleep.

    Price: £12.99 

    13. This baby bath takes the stress out of bathing a tiny tot with its genius design – I couldn’t stop using mine!

    Amazon / Via

    The hump at the base of this bath means even a teeny, tiny newborn can sit in an upright position for bath time. 

    Price: £25.95

    14. This 3-in 1 snug seat is a must whether it’s for food and drinks, playing with the activity tray, or just sitting up.

    Amazon / Via

    When your three-month-old starts doing bootcamp-style sit-ups and crunches it’s time to get this first baby seat. The curved seat design hugs the bum and supports the back so it keeps baby sat upright unsupported.

    Price: £44 

    15. Make the hamster wheel experience of bottle washing a little more bearable with this bottle drying rack.

    Amazon / Via

    It hangs up to eight bottles and stores all those annoying fiddly bits that get easily lost. 

    Price: £11.99 

    16. It’s the least funny time of the day but this children’s book for adults will have you belly-laughing even if you don’t want to.

    ‎ Canongate Books

    Come on, tell me what parent hasn’t muttered these words or at least thought it? Reviewers think Go The F*** To Sleep by Adam Mansbach is hilarious and *so* real. 

    Price: £8.46

    17. Get ahead of the game with these foldable clothing dividers.

    Amazon / Via

    Because somewhere in the house has to be neat and tidy.

    Price: £7.99 for seven. 

    18. Your knees will be eternally grateful for this bath kneeler.

    Amazon / Via

    Spare a thought for your poor knees pressed down on the cold, hard-tiled bathroom floor every day. Reviewers love how comfy this bath kneeler is!

    Price: £9.83

    19. Set up a play zone for your active baby with these interlocking foam play tiles.

    Amazon / Via

    These tiles are bright, colourful, and soft so if your baby falls there's no knocks, scrapes, or banged heads.

    Price: £13.99 for 18. 

    20. Plan your escape from the muck and mess of baby weaning with this long-sleeve coverall weaning bib. It fits onto baby and attaches to the whole high chair tray in one.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s machine washable – a.k.a heaven. 

    Price: £19.72

    21. Push. Pull. Back. Forth. Over. And over. And over. Well, no more. This portable rocking device does it all for you.

    Amazon / Via

    Because we’ve all done the vigorous rocking thing to get them to sleep. This fits onto any pram, stroller, pushchair or buggy and leaves your baby happily thinking it’s on the move thanks to mum.

    Price: £38.95

    22. You won’t wanna leave home without this UV portable soother steriliser which kills 99% of germs and bacteria. It's handy for when, not if, baby drops their precious dummy.

    Amazon / Via

    No more manic searches for the second-best spare that no one really likes anyway. Just pop the dummy in, press the button, and 59 seconds later it’s job done. Baby’s safely back with dummy and you’ve swerved a major meltdown. 

    Price: £19.89

    23. This silicone baby fruit feeder is for the ferociously independent baby. You know, when they want to feed themselves but can’t yet hold a spoon?

    Amazon / Via

    Fruit, vegetables, purees, porridge, small cuts of meat, fish, ice for sore teething can stick all sorts in these feeders. 

    Price: £10.99 for two feeders and six silicone nipples. 

    24. This inflatable farm playnest is the perfect solution when you need to put baby down and free-up time to make a coffee or finally get that shower in.

    Amazon / Via

    Picture it, baby’s busy with all those colours, sounds, textures, and toys while you lounge and put your feet up (hopefully). 

    Price: £23.99 

    25. Look, kids can wreck your sleep sometimes. Say goodbye to bleary-eyed mornings and glow-up with this weighted eye mask.

    Amazon / Via

    This sleep mask is filled with micro-glass beads which apply a light pressure around the eyes, leaving you less puffy, more relaxed and even more likely to drop off to sleep faster...night, night. 

    Price: £12.99