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    25 Essentials New Parents Don’t Know They Need Yet

    Add these to your baby wishlist, or gift them to get elevated to godparent status.

    1. A nappy subscription is the gift of all gifts to yourself. You never need be without, even on a week of bad tummies.

    2. This cute silicone teether will become a BBF as baby gnaws on it for relief from sore gums.

    3. Every baby loves bubbles and they come out plentiful and fast from this bubble machine.

    4. Reviewers say this foam shampoo eye shield is simple but really works.

    5. The more baby sleeps, the more shut-eye you get. With this portable blackout blind you might sneak in an extra hour or two.

    6. I saw *hearts* when I found this stroller cup holder which carries your travel mug and phone.

    7. These award-winning buggy clips are a must-have for any self-confessed shopaholic.

    8. This baby hip carrier even makes light work of carrying a three-year-old who wants to cling on.

    9. This battery-operated milk frother will whip up a perfect frothy foam at home when you can't get to a coffee shop (admittedly this is more of a gift for you than baby).

    10. The ‘I drop, you pick it up’ game is fun for all of a minute and then it’s time to grab for this suction toy.

    11. Three words: cracked. Nipples. Ouch. This 100% natural lanolin nipple cream is a serious game-changer.

    12. There's no need for clean-ups with this inkless handprint kit, so the only thing you’ll be left with is happy memories.

    13. This baby bath takes the stress out of bathing a tiny tot with its genius design – I couldn’t stop using mine!

    14. This 3-in 1 snug seat is a must whether it’s for food and drinks, playing with the activity tray, or just sitting up.

    15. Make the hamster wheel experience of bottle washing a little more bearable with this bottle drying rack.

    16. It’s the least funny time of the day but this children’s book for adults will have you belly-laughing even if you don’t want to.

    17. Get ahead of the game with these foldable clothing dividers.

    18. Your knees will be eternally grateful for this bath kneeler.

    19. Set up a play zone for your active baby with these interlocking foam play tiles.

    20. Plan your escape from the muck and mess of baby weaning with this long-sleeve coverall weaning bib. It fits onto baby and attaches to the whole high chair tray in one.

    21. Push. Pull. Back. Forth. Over. And over. And over. Well, no more. This portable rocking device does it all for you.

    22. You won’t wanna leave home without this UV portable soother steriliser which kills 99% of germs and bacteria. It's handy for when, not if, baby drops their precious dummy.

    23. This silicone baby fruit feeder is for the ferociously independent baby. You know, when they want to feed themselves but can’t yet hold a spoon?

    24. This inflatable farm playnest is the perfect solution when you need to put baby down and free-up time to make a coffee or finally get that shower in.

    25. Look, kids can wreck your sleep sometimes. Say goodbye to bleary-eyed mornings and glow-up with this weighted eye mask.