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What's The Best TV Show Or Movie You've Discovered During Quarantine?

Because I've basically run out of things to stream.

Now that we're all spending a lot more time indoors (and in front of our screens), there's a good chance that you've been forced to find new TV shows and movies to watch after making it through all 201 episodes of The Office...twice.


I bet you can tell me exactly which episode Jim says this.

So I want to know — what have you been watching? Personally, I'm a few seasons deep in Forged in Fire, a knife- and sword-making show on the History channel that you can stream on Hulu. Wbu?

Outpost Entertainment

I can literally hear Doug Marcaida saying, "It will kill," in my head.

Did you just now get around to watching Parasite and suddenly all you want to eat is ramdon?

Barunson EA

Did you just tap your toes to Ki-jung's beat? Same!

Maybe you're ~wild~ about documentaries and finally realized what all the hype was about once you finished Tiger King.


No, that is not Joe Exotic, but it is arguably the best scene from the show.

Or, perhaps you're more of a mockumentary fan and now you're contemplating starting your own pirate radio station after stumbling upon People Just Do Nothing.

BBC Three

Steve's nan is the best character — don't @ me.

Were you looking for a good spoop and settled on The Witch only to regret it because you'll never look at goats the same?

Pulse Films

"Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?" is...not a question I want my pet goat to ask me.

Tell me (and your fellow bored quarantiners) what you're watching and *why* you love it so much — seriously, I need to know why it's worth my time — and we may feature your response in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.