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What Are You Having A Hard Time Shopping For Right Now?

Someone please explain to me why I still can't find toilet paper.

Shopping in the time of the coronavirus is...tough.


For starters, you really shouldn't be leaving the house except to pick up the essentials.

20th Century Fox Television

And when you do leave to buy groceries, the stores have massive lines out the door and the shelves are picked over.

Universal Television

^ Everyone at the store before you get in.

Because we're living in such a strange time, chances are the stuff you used to buy in store — things like food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, you name it — you now have to buy online...and it'll take weeks for them to be delivered.

Lynch/Frost Productions

^ You waiting after placing your order...

Or maybe you can't even get an open time slot for delivery.

ABC Studios

Whatever your case is, we want to know: what are you having trouble shopping for right now *and* what products are you buying online that you used to buy in stores? Help us help you!


In my case, I'm having trouble finding specific foods when I go shopping so I've been considering trying out a meal-kit subscription so all the ingredients are shipped to me. Also, I've started buying e-books for my Nook since libraries and book stores are off limits!