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    31 Things Worth Splurging On During Wayfair's Way Day Sale

    Up to 80% off site-wide — including Le Creuset Dutch ovens, velvet sofas, and hot tubs.

    It's official: Way Day is HERE and that means up to 80% off anything and everything for your home! Now's the time to treat yourself to a lil' somethin' somethin' (and score free shipping!). So go out there and snag some sweet deals!

    We've rounded up our fave splurge-worthy sale picks so you know what's worth your coin:

    1. A modern desk chair because your dining room chair isn't cutting it anymore. This commercial quality chair offers great lumbar support and a sleek finish.

    The chair, which has a black upholstered back and cushion and chrome armrests and base

    2. A height-adjustable standing desk so you can take a break from sitting eight hours a day. Standing desks can help reduce back and shoulder pain, and this high-tech version even comes with built-in USB ports for charging your devices.

    3. A Le Creuset Dutch oven to just make every meal taste better. By design it allows for even heat distribution and heat retention, meaning your soups, rice dishes, casseroles, baked goods, and one-pot meals are loaded with flavor and moisture.

    The Dutch oven in blue

    4. A boho-chic velvet sofa that'll satisfy your love for comfy, cozy furniture and millennial pink.

    The square arm sofa with matching square throw pillows

    5. Or a modular sectional if you're indecisive when it comes to decorating. The L shape is reversible so feel free to experiment with orientations.

    The L-shaped sectional in dark gray

    6. A round dining table for adding some chicness to your dining room. It's time to toss the wobbly table you've been using since college and upgrade to a classic piece that'll last you years.

    The table in white

    7. A distressed wood sideboard with glass-front doors, because what better way to artfully show off your collection of knickknacks and books.

    The blue-green sideboard, which has four rectangular panes of glass in the three doors

    8. A 20-jet hot tub with all the bells and whistles so you can still use your backyard into fall and even winter.

    The square hot tub

    9. An outdoor fireplace to create the perfect space for the family to roast marshmallows for s'mores and sip apple cider while curled up in blankets and blasting Folklore.

    The fireplace

    10. A sun lounger set that'll help you soak up the sun (just don't forget the SPF!) if you're blessed enough to live somewhere that's warm year-round.

    The woven wicker loungers in tan

    11. A durable all-weather patio sectional with cushions if your deck could use a makeover. This modular sofa is weather-, mildew-, and rust-resistant and comes already assembled so you can start relaxing as soon as you get it out of the box.

    The gray wicker L-shaped sectional with navy cushions

    12. A three-piece world map graphic, because it'll satisfy your wanderlust without you ever having to leave your home office.

    The map

    13. A fancy schmancy Roomba i7+ so you can take the day off and let this lil' guy do the vacuuming. It's Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, meaning you can literally tell it to go clean under the table. *And* it'll empty itself when it's done!

    The black vacuum

    14. A rustic outdoor wall lantern to stylishly light up your entryway or garage area.

    The bronze rectangular lantern, which has a curled shepherd's hook arm

    15. An eye-catching mid-century modern armchair that'll immediately steal the spotlight no matter where you put it.

    The black chair with tan woven back and seat

    16. A Nespresso Vertuo and Aeroccino milk frother if you want cafe-quality coffee and espresso at home. Enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more!

    The Nespresso machine and milk frother

    17. A six-quart air fryer for whipping up crispy, crunchy chicken wings, french fries, fish, cookies, mozz sticks, donuts, veggies and veggies (although we don't recommend cooking those all at the same time).

    The air fryer in red with chicken wings in the basket

    18. A 15-piece knife block set because smushing produce and spending 10 minutes sawing through tender meat with dull knives is unacceptable.

    The set

    19. An etagere bookcase so you can artfully lay out your sculptures and plants. You, an interior decorator? Who knew!

    The five-tier bookshelf

    20. A driftwood coffee table to bring the beach vibes to your living room — but minus the sand and screaming seagulls.

    The glass-top coffee table, which has a base made of driftwood

    21. A TV stand with room to fit a 70-inch screen and plenty of storage options that'll hide the never-ending clutter.

    The TV stand

    22. A power lift recliner if you have loved ones who need a little extra help standing up. It's also a great snoozing spot for anyone who can't sleep in a regular bed.

    The tan recliner

    23. An arched mirror for reflecting light into small spaces and making them look larger. Also, we can all agree that it's just really freaking pretty, OK?

    The arched metal mirror

    24. A durable vintage-style area rug because it's incredibly soft, looks way more expensive than it is, and will expertly hide any messes and spills your clumsy self makes.

    The red, blue, and tan patterned rug

    25. A set of three dimmable vanity lights so you can add a touch of glamour to your bathroom.

    The three white frosted lights with gold accents

    26. A Simplehuman step-on trash can that'll put a stop to loud, ugly trash cans that slam shut and take up a lot of room. This aesthetically pleasing garbage receptacle is designed to close silently and comes with a special liner that won't slip or bunch.

    The light gray rectangular trash can with black accents

    27. A freestanding wine and beer fridge with dual zones to keep up to 20 wine bottles chilling between 50 and 66 degrees while your sodas sit at a frosty 37 to 50 degrees.

    The fridge

    28. A 12-inch Sealy hybrid mattress if you're tired of waking with aches and pain. This foam mattress conforms to your shape without making you hot and sweaty thanks to its Balsa coils, which help with airflow.

    The mattress

    29. A cat tree for spoiling your fur babies and *crosses fingers* giving them a place to scratch that isn't your couch.

    The tower, which has boxes for hiding and posts for scratching

    30. An closet system because your current level of organization is basically just stashing clothes wherever you can find room. It's customizable meaning you can configure it whatever way suits your needs and space.

    The organizer, which has multiple hanging rods, and a hanging shelf in the center with drawers

    31. A dog sofa with a memory foam pad so your fur baby has a cozy nook for napping instead of hogging all the space in your already cramped bed.

    The dog sofa, which has side railings

    Why are you still here? Get on over to Wayfair and save up to 80% on pieces for every room in (and outside of) your house!

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