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    40 Unnecessary Things That'll Still Probably Bring You Immense Happiness In A Few Business Days

    Serotonin delivered straight to your door.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hunky Nic Cage pillowcase that'll steal a place in your heart and a front-and-center space on your bed. He truly is a national treasure!

    Pillowcase with a black-and-white image of a shirtless Nicolas Cage on it

    2. A long-lasting, super hydrating clear lip gloss for anyone who loves having moisturized lips *and* for whom regular lip balm just isn't extra enough.

    3. A cute sticker to decorate your laptop, water bottle, you name it.

    sticker of rainbow and text that reads "make it fancy"

    4. An cruelty-free lengthening mascara so your usually stick-straight lashes actually hold a voluminous curl. It's lightweight, won't transfer, doesn't smudge, and lasts all day — what more could you ask for?

    5. And a mascara separator if you're not a fan of the clumpy lashes look. The comb is curved so you can reach every itty bitty lash.

    6. A Darth Vader hot air popcorn popper because I find your lack of one disturbing. This'll save you from using wasteful microwave popcorn bags, plus you can customize your popcorn with salts and seasonings of your choice.

    The machine, which looks like Darth Vader

    7. A Revlon hot air brush to help you achieve a shiny, salon-worthy blowout in minutes.

    8. A double-sided edges brush for smoothing and laying your edges (if you want to!). On one end is a boar bristle brush that gently massages your scalp and increases blood flow and hair growth. The other end is a mini comb to polish your look.

    9. The ~Guac-Lock~ because you love guac but know that you won't finish the whole avocado by yourself. This container pushes out the air that causes your avos to oxidize so you can enjoy guac and mashed avocados for toast for days without browning.

    10. The Wand, a mini handheld filter that may help reduce your wine-induced headaches. This lil' guy is designed to remove the histamines and sulfites in alcohol that may trigger headaches and hangovers. It's also supposed to revive oxidized wine so you don't have to toss an open bottle.

    Hand swirling the filter in a glass of wine

    11. A beautifully illustrated 800-piece puzzle for keeping your hands and mind busy. And when you're done, frame it! You won't even notice it's a puzzle from far away.

    Hands putting together a puzzle of a person sitting in a bathtub surrounded by plants

    12. Or a super freaking cute Baby Yoda puzzle if you're obsessed with The Mandalorian or just the adorable green gremlin on the screen.

    the assembled puzzle with the Mandalorian carrying Baby Yoda and Baby Yoda looking over his shoulder.

    13. A foot peel mask if you want before and after photos that'll make you feel a bit queasy. I mean... *insert Will Smith tada meme*.

    Reviewer photos of the sole of their feet on day 6 and day 8 showing how much skin is peeling

    14. A hilarious T-shirt that'll tell everyone how you feel rn (and probably for the rest of 2021).

    Model wearing white T-shirt that says "anywhere but here and somewhere with beer" and has a picture of a frog smoking and relaxing on a motorcycle

    15. An at-home teeth whitening kit to help lighten your smile for cheap. This set comes with a comfortable custom fit tray and an LED light so you can chill with your favorite show while your teeth whiten. If you use it consistently, you can expect a set of pearly whites that are two to eight shades whiter than before.

    16. A seamless bralette that'll fit right in with all the other black bralettes you own — but this one has lace! This one is different!

    Model wearing black v-neck bralette

    17. A super pigmented muted pink lip gloss for anyone who's been looking for a moisturizing gloss that's not sticky. Well *ding ding ding* we have a winner! It contains castor oil for shine and vitamin E that will nourish chapped lips.

    18. A pair of underwear so cute you'll never want to wear pants. Parade's new Universal line is carbon neutral and basically everything you want from your panties: they make your butt look cute, they're breathable, and they won't dig in or stretch over time.

    Model wearing orange hip huggers

    19. A clear eyebrow gel for holding each hair in place so your brows always look perfectly groomed.

    Reviewer wearing the gel

    20. A mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy because everyone deserves this unbridled joy in their life. Look at this lil' guy just flapping his arms and body, 100% content with his life. *This* is what I aspire to be. *This* is what we should all aspire to be.

    21. A pair of delicate hook earrings to slip on when you want to wear a little bling. These handmade hammered earrings elevate any outfit but are beautifully subtle if you don't want to call extra attention to yourself.

    22. An adorable cat spoon so you can have the ~purrr-fect~ partner while you're sipping your cat-puccino.

    The cat-shaped spoon sitting on a mug

    23. A string of fairy lights that'll create a little magic in any dark spaces.

    24. A Homesick candle for anyone who's missing the scent of home a little extra right now. *cries orange-scented tears because I miss Florida*

    25. A rainbow mug if you need a reason to smile in the morning. Yes, we're all grouches before our first cup of coffee, but this bright and cheery mug will no doubt brighten your mood.

    A tall white mug with a rainbow handle

    26. A chic beaded bag so you can try out the massively popular mini bag trend while spending a minimal amount of money.

    The mini tote that's beaded all over and has a top handle

    27. A mystery box of cat hats because how can you *not* be happy when your furry son has rabbit ears?

    28. A romantic giant scrunchie if you love oversized hair accesories, delicate organza, and luxe satin.

    29. A delicious Korean snack box that'll probably ruin American snacks for you.

    The box filled with snacks

    30. A black bath bomb so all you goths can escape other humans and turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. (And don't worry, reviewers say it won't stain your tub!)

    31. A pound of cereal marshmallows, because the best part of Lucky Charms are the charms (fight me).

    Reviewer smiling and holding the bag of marshmallows

    32. A tabletop barbecue if you miss the fun (and taste!) of grilling a big hunk of meat and veggies. Bring the flavors inside with this genius portable grill!

    People grilling meat and potatoes on the white barbecue

    33. A chocolate variety pack that'll satisfy your sweet tooth (all of 'em). The hardest part will be choosing what to eat first.

    Clear acrylic case filled with 12 different types of chocolate candies

    34. A sweet tank top with tie-shoulder straps for anyone who's dreaming of warmer weather — or for those people who live somewhere warm year-round (jealous!). This top is really the ~pomme-diggity~ and will look so good paired with high-waisted jeans come spring.

    Model wearing a navy blue tank top with bright red pomegranates on it

    35. A box of Sriracha packets to spice up your meals, wherever you are. Thank god you found these; people were starting to give you funny looks for carrying a full-size bottle of Sriracha with you at all times.

    The sauce packet

    36. An adorable squishy night-light so you can create the perfect ambience for a relaxing night in after a long day of dealing with people. Cycle between seven colors and light modes with a gentle tap.

    37. A pack of cup holders that stick to your monitor to hold the pens and pencils that usually disappear in the abyss (aka your very messy desk drawer).

    38. A pack of fridge magnets that double as dry-erase boards because adulting is hard and this makes writing out your grocery lists fun. It's the little things in life, OK?

    Magnets that have been arranged to make the fridge look like a Gameboy

    39. A splurge-worthy pair of high-waist Alo leggings if you're tired of your $20 leggings ripping in the wash after two wears. These are an investment piece that you honestly don't need (OK maybe you kinda do since all you wear are leggings rn) but truly deserve.

    Model wearing the leggings in tan

    40. A hair finishing stick that'll clean up all those random strands that escape from ponytails and buns. It's basically like a mascara wand coated in natural plant oils for your hair.

    Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Absolutely!

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