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    37 Things Under $15 That I Can't Stop Thinking About

    These products live rent free in my head.

    1. An clear eyebrow gel that'll hold each hair in place so your brows always look perfectly groomed.

    Reviewer wearing the gel

    2. A highly relatable Good Advice Cupcake sticker to decorate your laptop, water bottle, you name it.

    Sticker of Cuppy sitting at a desk with a laptop and notes on fire with text that says "I have no idea what I'm doing"

    3. A genius transparent mouse and memo pad for anyone who needs their to-do list right in front of their face or they'll forget what the heck they need to get done.

    to do sheet notepad with a clear sheet on top that you can place stickers on top of

    4. A cruelty-free lengthening mascara so your lashes actually hold a voluminous curl. It's lightweight, won't transfer, doesn't smudge, and lasts all day — what more could you ask for?

    5. The Big Activity Book For Anxious People, because it mixes fun and humor with educational tips for coping with your anxiety so you feel a little less alone about your worries.

    The cover

    6. A mascara separator if you're not a fan of the clumpy lashes look. The comb is curved so you can reach every itty bitty lash.

    7. A buff Pokémon pin that'll convince you that this is Pikachu's best form.

    Enamel pin of a buff Pikachu sitting in a poke ball and the packaging looks like a Pokemon card

    8. An eye primer to ensure your flawless smoky eye isn't ruined by your chronically oily eyelids.

    9. A water bottle holder for anyone who wishes they had three hands to hold all the stuff they're always carrying. Now you can attach your water bottle to your pants or a bag.

    Water bottle with the holder and carabiner attached to the neck

    10. A mold and mildew remover so you can set it, forget it, and come back in a few hours to see grout that looks like new. I'm talking basically every speck of black mold is gone! *Cues up "Do You Believe in Magic"*

    Progression photo showing dark mold and mildew on shower tile grout disappearing overnight

    11. A pack of plantable confetti that transforms into wildflowers, because haven't you heard — regular plastic confetti is really bad for the environment and wildlife. Now you can have a gender reveal without...y'know...starting a wildfire.

    12. A waterproof eyeliner if you want rich color payoff and staying power that will last while you ugly cry through your third rewatch of Grey's Anatomy.

    Swatches on two arms of different skin tones

    13. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning stamp that'll polish your toilet with each flush, which means you don't have to spend 15 minutes this weekend scrubbing and scrubbing...and scrubbing. The stamp releases the cleaning gel, which foams and cleans your toilet.

    14. A tiny airplant holder to give you a ~hand~ when it comes to decorating your apartment.

    The hand-shaped plant holder holding an air plant

    15. A long-lasting clear lip gloss for anyone who loves having moisturized lips *and* for whom regular lip balm just isn't extra enough.

    16. A relaxing lavender aromatherapy dough so you can occupy your restless hands and stay present during that really important work call.

    The dough

    17. A bottle of hard water booster powder because your mugs look like the one on the left (aka cloudy) and you want them to look like the mug on the right (aka nice and shiny).

    reviewer photo of stained mug next to a clean mug after using powder

    18. A Flamin' Hot Cheetos phone grip if spicy snacks are a big part of your personal brand (it me!).

    Phone grip that looks like a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

    19. Balm Dotcom, a hydrating lip balm for anyone who's tried just about every moisturizing lip treatment without success. This one's made with castor oil, lanolin, and beeswax to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier.

    Model wearing balm dotcom in fig

    20. A sliding webcam cover that'll ensure whatever's going on in front of your laptop stays private.

    21. A zero-waste cap to turn your pump bottles into squeezable ones so you can get every last drop of product.

    The caps screwed on a lotion bottle

    22. A mounted brush for satisfying your cat's ceaseless demands for scritches. Just mount it to a corner with the included adhesive strips and watch as your beloved babies leave you for the warm embrace of this gray and white piece of plastic.

    23. A tonsil stone remover so you can *finally* treat the root cause of your bad breath. This tool has a built-in LED light so you can easily locate the tonsil stone. Plus it also comes with a syringe to help you wash out the pocket the tonsil stone left behind.

    24. A laptop sticker to help you manifest your dreams of actually being surrounded by plants and greenery 24/7.

    Sticker of a black woman sitting on a stool surrounded by plants

    25. A dainty twisted ring you'll treasure for eternity. It's a subtle and timeless piece that's beautiful on its own or in a stack.

    Model wearing the ring in rose gold

    26. An S-biner (as opposed to a carabiner) because having to have a stack of keys on you at all times is annoying. With this lil' guy, you can easily swap out sets of keys instead of having to remove each one individually.

    The s-biner

    27. A watermelon lip mask if your pout is looking parched instead of plump. It's made with watermelon seed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to keep your lips looking luscious and hydrated.

    The pink gel

    28. A soft and gentle silicone massager brush to exfoliate sensitive skin, clean out your pores, and loosen dead skin cells to reveal softer, healthier, glowing skin underneath.

    29. A pumice cleaning stone for powering through tough rust, lime, and calcium streaks that have retired many a toilet scrubbing brush. Give your tired arms a break and let this little guy rub away discoloration with ease. This nontoxic cleaner is tough on dirt but gentle on porcelain so you can sit atop the glistening throne you deserve.

    30. A leather cleaning brush so you can stop crying over your favorite suede booties that were destroyed by rain and mud. This lil' guy can be used four different ways to clean scuff marks, water spots, and invisible dust.

    31. A grooming rake because it'll loosen an absurd amount of fur, lighten your dog's undercoat, and prevent future mats. This brush is specifically designed for pooches with thick, dense fur or double coats.

    Reviewer photo of a husky sitting next to a pile of fur that's almost as big as itself and has been removed with the rake

    32. A door stop with a built-in security alarm if you live alone or just want the added comfort of knowing when someone is trying to get into your home. This bad boy emits a high-pitched alarm when pressure is applied to it (i.e., an intruder is attempting to open the door).

    The white door wedge

    33. The Wand, a mini handheld filter that may help reduce your wine-induced headaches. This lil' guy is designed to remove the histamines and sulfites in alcohol that may trigger headaches and hangovers. It's also supposed to revive oxidized wine so you don't have to toss an open bottle.

    Hands swirling the wands in a wine glass

    34. An adorable bookmark book tracker to gamify reading and entice you to finally finish the story on your nightstand.

    The book tracker, which looks like a blank book shelf and you can fill in the names of the books on the spine as you finish them

    35. An earwax removal kit if buildup in your ear is causing discomfort or affecting your hearing. Good thing you don't need your ears to read the 1,500+ 5-star reviews this product has garnered.

    Reviewer photo of all the wax they removed from their ear

    36. A tortoiseshell claw clip that'll be the one aesthetic that both millennials and Gen Z'ers can agree on. *insert Everyone Liked That Fallout meme*

    37. Some pearl drop earrings because holy mother of ~pearl~ these beauties are the ~shucking pearl-fect~.

    Model wearing the earrings

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