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    24 Things To Help You Remember *Other* Things

    I feel like I'm forgetting something here...

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    1. A password logbook with plenty of space to hold your logins, router's IP address, and the 15-character alphanumeric Wi-Fi password your dad set.

    2. A mousepad notepad that'll keep your list of to-dos front and center.

    3. A bright red door knob organizer for holding all your necessities — phone, keys, wallet — as well as letters and even the newspaper so you never have to turn around when you're halfway to work because you forgot something.

    4. A daily planner so you can visualize everything you want to accomplish. Crossing out your completed tasks is gonna be sooo satisfying.

    5. A pocket-sized Tile Mate because it's not like you can call your keys if you misplace them. Using your smartphone, you can make these trackers "ring" so it's easier to locate whatever is missing. You can even find a lost phone by holding down the Tile button until your phone rings, even if it's on silent.

    6. A budget book if you struggle to remember when you paid your credit card bill or have no idea why your checking account is always overdrawn. This will help you stay on top of your finances — and set aside money for big expenses and small treats to yourself.

    7. A set of sticky tab dividers to keep your notes neat and organized and help you tackle studying like a pro.

    8. A gallon water bottle with motivational markers that'll remind you to stay hydrated in the midst of dry skin season. It's easy to forget to drink water while you're tiring away at your desk, but taking sips throughout the day helps your brain function at peak capacity.

    9. A set of six wireless remote key finders for tracking the essentials. Each remote has six different colored buttons, which each corresponding to the six colored receivers. Just click the button on the remote that matches the color of the receiver you want to find and the receiver will beep and flash a red LED light.

    10. A magnetic key holder so you have somewhere ~cirrus~ly cute to store your keys instead of tossing them anywhere the minute you unlock the front door. It comes with an adhesive backing so you can mount it on the wall without drilling holes.

    11. A bright printed laptop shoulder bag, because it's too eye-catching to forget to grab it for class. It's got enough pockets to hold your mouse and charger so you can achieve peak efficiency instead of having to leave the library halfway through your essay because your computer died.

    12. A meal planner if you spend most weeknights starting sadly into your empty fridge, wishing that food would magically appear because you forgot to write a grocery list or even go shopping.

    13. An "all out of" grocery list to help the forgetful shopper remember exactly what it is they need to buy...and it's not six pints of ice cream just because they're three for $10.

    14. A set of reusable shopping bags that'll encourage you to use less plastic. These clip to your pants so no more "I left my reusable grocery bags at home!" They expand into full-sized pouches that can hold up to 25 pounds of groceries, because plastic waste is not cute, y'all!!

    15. A set of magnetic bookmarks for the forgetful reader who's always scrambling to find a lost page. Plus, they come in a pack of five, so it's not the end of the world if you lose one.

    16. A brightly colored earbud organizer so it's nearly impossible to forget your ear buds. Nothing screams "don't forget me" like the color turquoise.

    17. A easy–to–spot lip balm keychain, because you're tired of buying lip balm in bulk to replace the tubes that disappear after only a few weeks.

    18. A dishwasher magnet if you never know what to expect when you open your appliance. With this, you'll never open the door anticipating racks full of freshly washed plates and cups to find that your partner did not in fact start the dishwasher.

    19. A "Did you feed the cat?" sign if you're never sure whether Mitten's been fed, especially when she's howling for food.

    20. An Echo Dot so you don't have to remember anything — this'll do it for you. It can set alarms, remind you of your grocery list, and even tell you how many cups are in a quart when your hands are covered in flour and you can't look it up yourself.

    21. A set of neon organizer rings that playfully point to small items that you don't want to forget, like your phone, watch, or ripe fruit that needs to be eaten ASAP.

    22. A print for anyone with a not-so-green thumb. This handy guide will tell you how often you should be watering your plants so you can turn your home into Plant Parenthood.

    23. A dry erase elephant so you can jot down reminders the minute you think of them. Your memory may not be as great as an elephant's, but this way you don't have to remember anything at all because you already wrote it down!

    24. A Homesick candle that smells like, well, home, if you live thousands of miles away and have started to forget the scent of your favorite state.

    It's OK, these gadgets have got you covered.

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