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    27 Things That'll Help Make Your WFH Space Bright And Cheery

    Including a llama pillow, cute cat pens, and a wacky waving inflatable tube man.

    1. A mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy to bring joy to your desk. Look at this lil' guy just flapping his arms and body, 100% content with his life. *This* is what I aspire to be. *This* is what we should all aspire to be.

    2. Or a screaming goat who sits on a tree stump and shrieks whenever you touch it (honestly, same) because sometimes life can get overwhelming. The occasional throat-clearing screech every now and then to clear all the bad vibes should help keep you cheery.

    3. A chic and modern compact desk so you can build your own dedicated WFH space and get excited about outfitting it however you please.

    4. A soft yet supportive drafting chair that'll satisfy your desire for sophisticated and cheerful home decor while also meeting your comfort requirements. Your hardwood kitchen chair could never!

    5. Or a memory foam seat cushion with cooling gel if chronic pain while sitting turns you into a grump. This bad boy can help keep you feeling comfy and chipper throughout the day.

    6. A set of adjustable shelves for type A peeps who find joy in organizing their belongings. *Looks at their beautifully arranged desk* *Smiles*

    7. Or a more minimalist bamboo monitor stand to give you plenty of space for all kinds of cute knickknacks. There's even room for your keyboard under the riser.

    8. A vintage-y area rug because it adds a bright pop of color to your colorless work station.

    9. A set of ~purr-ty~ adorable cat gel pens so taking notes is a lot more fun.

    10. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll brighten up your home office and make it your favorite room in your home.

    11. A mini art print if your desk is seriously lacking some much-needed positivity.

    12. A fun rug because French fries make everything better — especially a boring, colorless office.

    13. An adorable laptop sticker for when you need some ~lemon-aide~ remembering to look on the bright side of life.

    14. A sandwich print to make your work station extra cheesy — I mean cheery!

    15. A snuggly sloth planter because it's a nice reminder to slow down and hang in there as you sit through another video call that definitely could have been an email.

    16. A Renaissance-style custom pet portrait so you can enjoy a good laugh every time you look up from your desk. Hang it in your home office and you'll be constantly reminded of why you work so hard — to give your fur babies a good life, of course!

    17. A monstera that'll transform your home office into your greenery-filled happy place. You can call it Plant Parenthood! (Also, monsteras, also called Swiss cheese plant, are great for beginners as they're pretty self-sufficient and don't need a ton of light.)

    18. A minimalist table lamp if you're guilty of looking up at 6 p.m. and realizing you've spent the last few hours working in almost total darkness. This'll literally brighten up your WFH space.

    19. A mini wireless Bluetooth speaker for livening up the mood in between conference calls with a spontaneous dance party. Shakespeare was definitely talking about this when he wrote, "though she be but little she is fierce," and reviewers say it produces high quality audio despite being small enough to fit in your palm.

    20. A cute ladybug desk vacuum to suck up all the chip crumbs you've spilled. Oops! And if beetles aren't your thing, might we suggest this ~udderly~ adorable mini cow vacuum?

    21. A llama pillow because it's just ~wooly, wooly~ cute. Don't start drama, buy the llama pillow for your home office couch.

    22. A string of fairy lights so you can create a little magic in any drab, dreary office.

    23. A Homesick candle that'll cheer anyone who's missing the scent of home a little extra right now. *cries orange-scented tears because I miss Florida*

    24. Or Capri Blue's Volcano candle if you need to distract yourself from the daily slog with what is arguably the best scent in the world.

    25. A ~paw-sitively~ adorable cat spoon for keeping you company as you chug caffeine while working.

    26. A two-in-one essential oil diffuser to emit relaxing scents like lavender that'll keep you calm and energized as you deal with annoying coworkers. It also doubles as a humidifier!

    27. A colorful mouse pad because *gestures at photos* how cute are these?

    You after decorating your work space:

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