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    29 Things For People Who Wish They Read More

    For anyone who usually just waits for the movie to come out. We see you.

    1. A Book of the Month subscription if you're instantly overwhelmed the minute you start browsing a bookstore or library. Here's how it works: BotM selects five reads each month and you get to choose one (you can pay extra for more books). It's delivered straight to your door and then all you have to do is kick back, relax, and curl up with this month's pick.

    2. A monthly YA book subscription box packed with self-care goodies like candles, bath bombs, and other themed products that'll surely help you get excited about a new book — it's like Christmas every month!

    3. Or an Audible subscription so you can listen to someone else read you the latest releases while you're cleaning the house, running on the treadmill, or trying to drift off to sleep.

    4. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for the minimalists as well as anyone who wants to read in the pool or in the bath without worrying about getting their book wet.

    5. Or a waterproof inflatable book jacket to keep your novels dry when you're relaxing in the bath or pool.

    6. A Kindle Unlimited subscription because it gives you access to more than a million e-books as well as magazines and audiobooks. The hardest part will be choosing what to read next!

    7. A graphic novel like Fun Home by Alison Bechdel or The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang if you want to ease yourself into reading more. There are tons of pictures to follow along with!

    8. An Echo Dot that'll make your life easier not only because it can read your Kindle books aloud, but also because it can make calls for you, stream music, and control your smart lights.

    9. A cute Kindle case so it feels more like an accessory that you'll want to carry around. Chances are you'll find yourself using it more since it'll always be within reaching distance.

    10. A supportive lumbar pillow for keeping your lower back cushioned while you devour your next novel. You can't start reading if you can't get comfortable.

    11. A backrest pillow guaranteed to help you feel way more comfy when you're trying to read in bed.

    12. A cozy armchair because what sounds cozier than curling up in a big, cushy armchair with a good book, a thick blanket, and a hot bevvy?

    13. And speaking of cozy, a plush blanket if you don't want anything to disturb your reading time — not even your dad who refuses to turn the thermostat warmer than 65 degrees.

    14. The Comfy, a blanket sweatshirt (yes, the one from Shark Tank) that'll keep you warm and cozy as you reread Harry Potter for the millionth time.

    15. A pair of funny socks for anyone whose family is constantly interrupting them while they're trying to read. It's too bad the cat can't read these...

    16. A pair of reading glasses that are *actually* stylish so you can see better while you read AND get a cute selfie out of it.

    17. A "Cozy Reads" candle to set the mood and transform your bedroom into a relaxing reading room.

    18. A simple bookshelf because how are you supposed to read more when your room is so messy that you can't even find all of your books?

    19. A reading journal where you list all the novels you've finished and any notes about them if you're constantly forgetting what books on your shelf you've already read.

    20. An electronic dictionary bookmark that'll make it easy to look up unknown words you encounter in a book instead of pulling out your phone to Google a definition and then getting distracted by social media.

    21. A scratch-off poster of 100 books so you can challenge yourself to read some classics and hopefully discover some new favorite authors and genres.

    22. A personalized page holder for anyone who gets easily annoyed at trying to properly hold their book open for too long.

    23. An adorable bookmark book tracker to gamify reading and entice you to finally finish the story on your nightstand.

    24. A book weight because having to hold open your book, especially if it's super thick or heavy, can be really annoying. Now your hands are free to do more important things, like bring snacks to your mouth.

    25. A book holder if you need to prop open your cookbook so you can multitask in the kitchen. Yes, reading a cookbook counts!

    26. A bookmark with a timer and LED light that'll help you fit time to read into your busy schedule. Set a timer for 20 minutes of reading when you first get up (this way you can't fall asleep!) and crack open your book!

    27. A pack of 24 colorful Paper Mate felt tip marker pens – they won't bleed through pages so you can take notes in your books, which can really help with reading comprehension or just make it more enjoyable for some people. 🌈

    28. Some floating bookshelves that'll *hopefully* encourage you to get excited about your book collection once it's properly displayed.

    29. An adorable Smoko book light, because how could you not want to use this cute little guy while you're relaxing at the end of the day.

    You reading for the first time in awhile and remembering why it's so awesome:

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