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    28 Gifts For Vegan, Vegetarians, Or People Who Just Love Veggies

    I like big beets and I cannot lie...

    1. A set of reusable bags that'll keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer, because tossing uneaten produce makes us all sad. These green bags remove the gas that speeds up the ripening process and work whether you leave your food in the fridge or on your counters.

    2. A corn peeler so you don't have to run to the bathroom immediately after eating corn on the cob to floss your teeth. People with braces, rejoice!

    3. A broccoli patch for anyone who loves Seinfeld and most veggies but just can't enjoy a plate of steamed broccoli.

    4. A vegetable garden starter kit with 10 different kinds of seeds so you can flex your green thumb at home.

    5. A set of produce storage containers you'll love ~berry~ much because they'll save you money by extending the shelf life of your fruits and veg.

    6. A spice set containing five mouthwatering mixes to sprinkle over veggies so every meal includes a visit to Flavortown.

    7. A veggie dicer and spiralizer that'll make quick work of the pile of veggies in your fridge that need to be prepped for dinner. No more tears because the recipe calls for diced onions!

    8. A set of 10 kebob skewers so you can grill up a plate of warm, crispy, charred veggies (umm yummmm!) and share with us! These metal skewers are flat so they won't roll away or give you splinters.

    9. A cute lil' coffee mug decorated with root vegetables that'll quickly become your go-to coffee cup. ~Beets~ me as to why anyone wouldn't love this!

    10. A microwave veggie steamer for the lazy eater who can't be bothered to boil a pot of water. This steamer has a two-cup capacity, so it's best for single servings.

    11. A potato ricer that'll seriously make eating spuds better, because yes, that is possible. Ricers help you strike a balance between creamy and fluffy, plus you can use them to rice cauliflower and yams, and even make baby food.

    12. A one ~carrot~ initial charm necklace for anyone who deserves a little bling.

    13. A veggie subscription box that'll help you convince any picky eaters that vegetables are actually the best part of any meal. Each month you'll get an e-book via email as well as a package containing crafts, games, and recipes for that month's featured veggie.

    14. A fermentation kit so you can make deliciously stinky foods, like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles. Each kit comes with a vacuum pump to ensure your food won't mold as it ferments, as well as special lids so you won't have to burp your jars.

    15. A T-shirt any fan of The Office and vegetables will love. "Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica."

    16. A punny apron for the level-headed chef who never gets flustered in the kitchen — aka *not* me as soon as I have to do something harder than boiling water.

    17. The Vegetable Butcher, a book that'll teach you how to choose the best veggies (no more picking up produce and saying, "Well, I guess this one looks OK") and prepare them like a pro.

    18. A sprouting jar kit so you'll always have sprouts on hand to add a nutritious crunch to salads and sandwiches. You'll get three lids of varying sizes so you can grow small, medium, and large sprouts.

    19. A jalapeño grill rack can fit most grill models, plus a corer so you can enjoy bacon-wrapped cream cheese-stuffed peppers whenever you want. No more coring jalapeños and then touching your nose and eyes and then crying for the next half hour because everything. is. on. fire (bc this has most definitely happened to me)!!!

    20. A tote bag for holding all your veggies after a trip to the farmer's market. No need to bring a shopping list — it's all on your bag!

    21. A pack of temporary tattoos that'll have you saying, "I want to wear these from my head ~tomatoes~." Tater Tats donates 10% of all sales to fund sustainable farms, so you can feel good about this impulse buy.

    22. A cute pencil case for anyone who ~carrot~ wait until back-to-school season.

    23. A produce saver that'll protect soft veggies from getting smushed in the fridge. They also help keep your veggies crisp and crunchy for longer. And!! How cute are they?!

    24. A potato scrubber so you can clean and prep your tubers for whatever ~spud-tacular~ dishes you're about to whip up.

    25. A vintage-inspired print for anyone who thinks veggies are as beautiful as they are tasty.

    26. An ~egg-celent~ set of mismatched earrings for anyone who's feeling especially bold.

    27. A funny kitchen towel that'll make you laugh even when you're cleaning up messes. It also makes a great housewarming gift!

    Veggie lovers knowing they're going to outlive us all:

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