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    22 State-Themed Items To Remind You Of Home

    My state is the best state. Change my mind.

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    1. A cutting board shaped like your home state to use as decoration or for serving your Instagram-worthy charcuterie board.

    2. A pin and thread map of your favorite state, because it's not string theory β€” you need this in your apartment ASAP.

    3. A pair of flashy socks for anyone who isn't content with just talking about how much you love your hometown. Now you can rep your city from head to toe.

    4. A beer cap map so you can tastefully show off your city's delicious local beverages.

    5. And a wall bottle opener that'll help you fill it.

    6. A Homesick candle that smells like, well, home, to cheer them up when they're hundreds or thousands of miles away.

    7. Or, a beautifully minimalist diffuser if that's more your style. At a glance it'll look just like the rest of your decor.

    8. An illustrated state map that perfectly captures the beauty of your state better than you ever could...because some of us can still only barely draw stick figures.

    9. A mug that'll remind you that home is where the heart is..and the coffee.

    10. A nostalgic coffee cup for New Yorkers (and those who have left the Big Apple) that'll make you think of grabbing $1 joes to go at the bodega.

    11. A set of whiskey glasses that are etched with a street map of your favorite city so you can spend the next 20 minutes pointing to places on the map and saying, "this is where I...."

    12. And a set of wooden coasters because as much as you love your state, you don't love water rings on your table.

    13. An embroidered dish towel if you're looking for a practical *and* thoughtful housewarming gift.

    14. An illustrated wall calendar to highlight all the many wonderful things your home state is known for.

    15. A box sign for anyone looking for a charming piece of decor to stand on their mantel.

    16. A return address stamp so you can add a personal touch to all your letters.

    17. A silver necklace that'll help you always keep your home close to your heart.

    18. A pair of mismatched earrings β€” one heart and one shaped like your favorite state β€” if you like to receive compliments daily.

    19. A personalized leather keychain you can customize with the coordinates of your home state.

    20. A state flower tapestry if you love learning random facts about the many states you've lived in and love.

    21. An educational seasonal food guide that shows you what foods are in season in your state throughout the year for chefs who love to use whatever's local and fresh.

    22. A hometown puzzle that'll stump you, even if you've lived in the same place your entire life.

    My state is the best state and you can't change my mind.

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