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    20 Recipes That’ll Help You Meal Prep Your WFH Lunches

    Lunch is officially my new favorite meal of the day.

    Hello, friends! As we try and navigate this confusing and unpredictable time together, the last thing we want to think about is what we're going to make for lunch. While we're not quite sure what we want to eat, we know exactly what we don't want — which is usually the stuff that's already sitting in our fridge. Good thing Tasty's got your back!

    Using the Tasty iOS app, you can browse hundreds of delicious recipes that'll feed you for the week (or at least for lunches), and buy the groceries you need from Walmart through the app. The best part: your food will be ready and waiting for you thanks to Walmart's curbside pickup service.

    To inspire your tastebuds, we rounded up some delicious Tasty recipes you'll want to try ASAP:

    1. A vegetarian portobello fajita bowl to satisfy your Tex-mex cravings and help you work through your giant stash of canned beans.

    2. A garlicky chicken and veggie pasta that'll make your partner think twice about sitting so close. Oh well, more for you!

    3. A ~flippin'~ delicious plate of zesty salmon burgers you'll make for this week's lunches...and also dinners.

    4. A heaping bowl of cilantro lime chicken with cauliflower rice if you want to up your veggie intake.

    5. A one-pan teriyaki chicken with bell peppers, broccoli, green beans, or carrots so you won't get tired of lunches during the week.

    6. A filling black bean soup so easy to make that you'll ask yourself, "Was I a chef in another life?" as you sit down in front of your laptop.

    7. A classic chicken noodle soup to give Mom a run for her money — and show her that yes, you are an adult now and you can make your lunches.

    8. A bowl of slow cooker pork shoulder and cornbread chili that'll require maybe 10 minutes of actual work from you. (Of course, you don't need to tell your roommate that over lunch as they go on and on about how impressed they are.)

    9. Pesto chicken and veggies you'll devour alone or over your favorite pasta.

    10. A one-pot shrimp pasta if the last thing you want to do right now is clean up a bunch of dishes.

    11. Turkey taco bowls so you won't even miss your weekly Chipotle runs. Plus, chips and guac don't cost extra at home.

    12. A vegetarian one-pot butternut squash pilaf because when else are you going to make a pilaf from scratch?

    13. A fancy schmancy ratatouille lasagna to occupy an afternoon and help you live out your fantasy of a little rat controlling you from inside your chef's hat. (Just me? OK, cool!)

    14. A vegan Buddha bowl that'll fill you up — but not before you snap some #foodporn pics for Instagram.

    15. A tater tot casserole you'll be surprised that you love so much. Potatoes + cheese + veggies = my new favorite recipe!

    16. Creamy spinach and artichoke chicken rolls if you're struggling to stick with your keto diet and still enjoy your lunches.

    17. Salmon two ways so you can actually have a choice at lunch instead of being forced to eat the same thing for four days because you meal prepped in bulk. One is balsamic soy and the other is garlic paprika.

    18. A zucchini shrimp scampi because it would be ~shellfish~ to not share this scrumptious recipe with you.

    19. Spicy Vietnamese shaking beef to get in a workout before eating. (Seriously, your arms will get a lot of exercise shaking the wok!)

    20. A chickpea curry to whip up whenever you've got a hankering for Indian food. This channa masala is *chef's kiss*.

    Psst! Don't forget to download the Tasty app!

    You after biting into any of these recipes!