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    25 Products That’ll Make Your Car Look Like You Just Drove It Off The Lot

    From a plastic restorer to a scratch remover, you ~auto~ love these picks.

    1. A dual-ended vent duster to reach dust that your fingers can't. The cleaning cloths are removable so you can toss them in the wash after they get dirty. And the other end of the duster is a brush that's great for getting rid of dirt and crumbs that are wedged in your car's nooks and crannies.

    Hand using the brush to clean a car's AC vent

    2. A glass cleaner that'll make cleaning your windshield a breeze. The microfiber bonnet is washable so you can use and reuse this handy gadget.

    Hand using the tool, which looks like a giant guitar pick wrapped in a microfiber cloth and attached to a stick, to wipe the inside of a windshield

    3. A microfiber detail duster so you can trap dust, dirt, and pollen in one sweep of your hand. This large brush is great for lazy cleaners or drivers who want to quickly and easily wipe down their vehicle's interior daily.

    Hand holding the brush, which has soft microfiber "fingers" for catching debris

    4. A pack of microfiber cloths because they'll come in handy like 99% of the time. They're super soft, won't leave behind streaks, and absorb up to eight times their weight, making them great towels for washing your car.

    Model using a yellow microfiber towel to wash a windshield

    5. A cleaning brush for gently lifting stains in your leather or upholstery. The soft bristles are tough on dirt but gentle on your car's interior so you can get rid of any evidence that you spilled hot coffee on the seats that one time.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the brush lifted and lightened stains on upholstered seats

    6. A leather cleaner and conditioner if your seats are in a bad state. This liquid takes dirt and oils with it while leaving behind a nourishing barrier that helps prevent further UV damage. It's also safe to use on your leather jacket, shoes, and furniture.

    7. A special hair-removing silicone brush to loosen the pet fur that's lodged in your car's carpets.

    8. And don't forget a handheld cordless vacuum that'll make fast work of the pile of pet hair you've just brushed out of your carpets.

    9. A no-rinse carpet spot remover so your car seats look factory standard.

    10. A set of two extra-soft detail brushes because they're great for running along seams and grabbing dirt that your vacuum just keeps missing.

    11. A power scrubber for when you want a clean car without the arm workout. This lil' guy, which is similar to an electric toothbrush, has a powerful oscillating head that scrubs 60 times a second.

    Hand using the brush on a hubcap

    12. A cleaning gel if there are pet hair and food crumbs that have escaped capture by every other brush or vacuum. Just press this lemon-scented cleaning putty into the mess and it'll grab any unwelcome guests.

    Hand pressing the cleaning gel into a car's AC vent

    13. A black car scratch remover to get rid of any reminders of the time you accidentally swiped the mailbox when you pulled into the driveway. It's also a much cheaper alternative to driving to the auto shop.

    14. A scratch remover for all paint colors that'll cover up minor scratches — like when your kid's bike fell over and the handlebars scraped your car door.

    Reviewer's before and after photos showing the scratch remover got rid of purple-red scratch makrs on their silver car

    15. And a headlight restoration kit so you can scrub away years of sun damage that's turned your headlights hazy and dull.

    16. A wheel cleaner because you can clean your car's body until it looks like you just drove it off the lot, but dirty tires and hubcaps will be a dead giveaway that your car isn't new.

    17. A bumper sticker-remover for getting rid of any slightly embarrassing stickers that 16-year-old you thought was so funny. Honk if you like a clean bumper!

    Reviewer before and after showing the tool removed 11 bumper stickers without leaving behind noticeable residue

    18. A stick-on shade if you want to protect your car's interior from sun damage and fading.

    The shade on a rear back seat side window

    19. And a sunshade windshield cover to protect your console from the sun's rays, which can crack and fade the dashboard.

    The cover

    20. A waxer/polisher that'll buff your car until you can see yourself smiling in your car's reflection because making your baby look brand new is so stinking easy.

    21. A clay bar kit so you can remove contaminants from your car's surface and protect its paint from contaminants like brake dust, which can penetrate through paint and glass.

    Reviewer's before and after photos showing the clay bar removed rust stains on the hood of their car

    22. A car hammock because you love your dog but hate having to clean your vehicle after every car ride. It's water-resistant and creates a barrier so your fur baby doesn't try to join you in the front seat while you're driving.

    23. A bug remover for cleaning up bug guts from your windshield, grille, and side mirrors.

    Reviewer before and after photo showing the cleaner removed all the bug carcasses from their side mirror so its shiny again

    24. And a "waterless" washing kit if you want a clean car but don't want to deal with setting up the hose and inevitably getting wet while washing your car. Just spray and wipe dry!

    25. A plastic restorer to return your fenders and trim to their former glory. It's safe to use on vinyl and rubber so you can put it to work around the house too.

    You enjoying your "new" car:

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