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    36 Products You Only Realize You Need Once…Well…You Need Them

    Get these products now to save you from stressing later.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An acne patch for those days when a pimple randomly pops up. Hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil are gentle on the skin while still drawing out fluids and pus from your pimple.

    2. And an easy-to-use post-breakout cream for handling all the annoyances if the pimple pops. It's designed to target post-breakout scarring, relieve dry and itchy skin, even texture, and reduce redness.

    model applying the cream to their cheek

    3. A mold and mildew remover because one day you got in the shower and noticed the grout was black. Good thing this cleaning gel will handle the stains for you — and without you ever having to touch a sponge or brush. Set it, forget it, and return to grout that looks like new.

    Progression photo showing dark mold and mildew on shower tile grout disappearing overnight

    4. A compact automatic LifeTek umbrella so you're always prepared for unexpected showers. This lightweight yet sturdy rain repeller will become a must-have in your bag.

    Reviewer holding the umbrella

    5. A roll-on migraine stick if you're prone to mind-numbing headaches. It's made with a mixture of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, and coconut oil so you may find sweet, sweet relief instead of having to retreat to your darkened bedroom when you feel a migraine coming on.

    6. A collapsible dog bowl that'll ensure your furry friend stays hydrated no matter where your next adventure takes you. It folds flat, making it a ~port-a-bowl~ option you can easily store in your backpack or pocket the next time you're on the go.

    The bowl

    7. A collagen-coating hair treatment for when your hair is in need of some TLC. This cream will help revitalize a dry, damaged, and overprocessed mane overnight.

    8. A set of Kegel weights to not only help with incontinence but also potentially make sex easier, less painful, and more enjoyable. These are especially great for people who've just given birth, though anyone can benefit from strengthening their pelvic floor muscles.

    Reviewer holding one of the weights, which is similar in size to a tampon

    9. An odor-eliminating spray because the smell of pee wafting from your carpet — even though you've diligently cleaned up after every pet mess — makes relaxing in the living room near impossible. Each spray releases bacteria that feeds on the ammonia left behind after your pet's accidents, eliminating the urine completely and deterring your pet from peeing in the same spot again.

    The spray bottle

    10. A tonsil stone remover so you can *finally* treat the root cause of your bad breath. This tool has a built-in LED light so you can easily locate the tonsil stone. Plus it also comes with a syringe to help you wash out the pocket the tonsil stone left behind.

    11. A set of snap-on sheet labels if you've ever unraveled your neatly wrapped bed linens only to realize you grabbed the queen size sheets instead of the king. Rookie mistake!

    12. A drain clog remover that'll conquer the hair monster in your shower drain, simultaneously impressing and disgusting you. Or you can let the hair glob remain in the pipes and at some point your shower will turn into a bath. Fun!

    Reviewer holding the snake, which has grabbed a massive chunk of hair from the drain

    13. A pack of iPhone charging cables for the person who's notorious for breaking theirs. These nylon braided cables have a 12,000+ bend lifespan meaning you can unsubscribe from your monthly Amazon order of a pack of chargers.

    The chargers, which come in three-foot, six-foot, and 10-foot lengths

    14. A set of wad-free pads to keep your bedsheets from tangling in the wash. If you've ever opened the dryer expecting...well...dry sheets only to find them tangled in a damp ball, you need this.

    the wad free pads attached to a bed sheet

    15. Some foam earplugs because it's already too late once you finally realize you need them. Get them now to save yourself from sleepless nights and ruined productivity later.

    BuzzFeed Editor holding the ear plugs

    16. A dishwasher door holder so you can air dry your dishes hassle free. Hate when people close the open dishwasher by accident, not knowing you left it open on purpose? Tired of having to step all the way around the dishwasher because it won't stay open unless it's all the way down? Nervous about damaging the gasket because you've wedged god knows what in the door to prop it open? Use this magnet instead! It even has a clean/dirty indicator so people know if it's being loaded or unloaded.

    The gray cat-shaped door holder manget that says dirty on one side

    17. A car safety hammer if you're ever in a situation where you need to break the window or cut through a seatbelt. While I hope you're never in an automobile emergency, it's a good idea to have this in the car just in case!

    The hammer being used to break the passenger's side window

    18. A pack of Schick dermaplaning razors that'll take care of stray hairs the minute you notice them. Reviewers also say they're great for shaving peach fuzz so makeup applies more evenly.

    19. Or a portable razor for making shaving on the go a little less ~hairy~ (pun intended!). It has a built-in water spritzer, a moisturizing bar to lubricate your skin, and two razor blades so you can shear any missed hairs or just reduce the amount of stuff you have to bring in your overnight bag.

    hands holding the pink circular razor showing its refillable water spray bottle, shea butter moisturizing bar, and two triple blade razor cartridges

    20. A red wine stain-remover spray to hastily remove any vino you spill in those few moments of clarity you have when you're tipsy and realize you've made a big mistake. It even works on old stains!

    21. A pack of portable soap sheets because it's both ~beary~ practical and un~bear~ably cute. We've all had to use shady public restrooms and cringed when we press the soap dispenser only to find that it's empty. Not anymore!

    The pink plastic container with ears and a nose, plus the pink paper-thin soap sheets

    22. A beeswax wood polisher so you can revive your precious hardwood floors when your dog accidentally gouges it with his overgrown nails. Plus, this method is a heck of a lot cheaper than actually replacing the wood, and using this polish on a regular basis can actually help keep the wood hydrated so it lasts longer.

    23. A pet hair remover if you're tired of getting fur all over your clothes. Roll it over your couch, bed, favorite blanket, you name it, and watch it lift the fur away. See, we can own nice things!!

    Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section

    24. A pack of aluminum-free deodorant wipes that'll freshen your pits on the go. They're made to absorb orders so no one else has to know that you forget to apply deodorant this morning.

    The wipes

    25. An Anker portable battery pack for juicing your devices when you inevitably forget your charger. It's small enough to take with you on the go but powerful enough to charge your phone to full battery multiple times.

    reviewer holding the black power bank, which is about the size of an iPhone

    26. A portable Bissell SpotBot to spare you from spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing cat vomit from the carpet with a brush only to remove like 75% of it. Let this gadget clean up your messes in minutes.

    27. A tub of brightening, firming, and rejuvenating eye cream because you're tired of your mom constantly asking you, "Are you getting enough sleep?" on your weekly FaceTime even though she should darn well know that your dark circles are hereditary (thnx a lot Mom!).

    28. A dandruff shampoo so you can banish white flakes from your scalp. It's made with ketoconazole 1%, an antifungal ingredient that'll tell your dandruff it's no longer welcome here.

    Reviewer's before and after photos showing the shampoo got rid of their significant dandruff

    29. A bug bite suction tool if you're tired of being a mosquito meal. It's designed to actually suck out venom, saliva, and irritants on your skin that may be causing swelling and itching so you can get back to enjoying your hike instead of stopping to scratch every five minutes.

    Reviewer's photoset showing the progression of the tool and that it made their mosquito bite flat and almost unnoticeable

    30. A genius silicone spatula that'll solve the very specific and very annoying problem of trying to scrape food off a stand mixer paddle. The center groove allows you to slide the spatula around the paddle so you can get every bit of dough or frosting.

    The white spatula cleaning a stand mixer beater attachment

    31. A treat-dispensing mat for tackling bath time like a pro. Slather it with peanut butter to distract your pet so you can finally give them a good rinse.

    32. A bleach-free, no-scrub weekly shower spray to make soap scum and shower grime buildup go bye bye without you ever having to wipe. Rinse it clean the next day, and you'll be amazed to see those hard water stains on your shower door are *poof* gone.

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    33. A set of four reusable bags because this is the last time you forget your grocery tote at home! These come with built-in carabiners so you can clip them to your belt loops or your purse strap and literally never walk out the door without them.

    34. A multi-tool so you have 40 tools (including a bottle opener, can opener, cord cutter, hex bit driver, pry bar, screwdriver, and wrench) in one handy gadget whenever you need them. It doesn't have sharp or jagged edges so it's safe to store in your purse.

    35. An earwax removal kit if it's a little embarrassing how often you have to ask people to repeat themselves. Good thing you don't need your ears to read the 17,000+ 5-star reviews this product has garnered.

    Reviewer photo of their finger covered in chunks of ear wax

    36. A box of wart-removing pads you apply like bandages that'll help you get rid of your extra growth. Be gone, appendage!

    You feeling prepared for whatever happens: