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    27 Products To Help You Break Your Bad Sleep Habits

    A bad night's sleep? You don't know her.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of light-dimming stickers so bright alarm clocks and flashing electronics don't distract you from sleep.

    The sheets

    Promising review: "This is the best thing you never knew you needed. I own a digital clock with the numbers displayed in red LED light, and every night I've blocked the light with a cover so it doesn't shine in my eyes as I sleep. Silly I know, but I like my room pitch black and cave-like. On a whim I bought this product. OH MY GOD! Game changer!! For the first night EVER I didn't have to cover the clock display before I went to bed!! I had no idea how big a difference this little dimmer could make, but I'm more than pleased with the result. I can still see the time display just fine, but now my room is a happy cave! Some commenters argue you could get the same effect using electrical tape but this product is easy to remove and doesn't leave a sticky residue at all, which can't be said for most tapes. I did notice a slight lag in response when I covered my TV LED sensor, so if you're trying to block something that actually senses inputs I would maybe not suggest this. Other than that, excellent product!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a sheet of more than 100 stickers of varying shapes and sizes Amazon for $5.69. These larger dimming sheets from Amazon are $8.29 for two 6-by-3-inch stickers and work wonders if you're trying to cover a larger surface area, like a clock face.

    2. A bottle of OLLY sleep gummies that'll encourage your body to rest with their blend of L-Theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm — three ingredients that boost relaxation and increase your sleep quality.

    The gummies
    @ollynutrition / Via

    Promising review: "I'm a student and at times we run on Team No Sleep. I've been known to have insomnia; it's something I've been struggling with and have refused to take any type of prescription drug. My cousin actually recommended this to me. I took some last night and I kid you not, it kicked in within 20 minutes. I slept at 9:30 p.m. last night and woke up at 4:45 a.m. ready to start my day. I woke up fresh and NOT DROWSY!!!! I LOVE the fact that I was not drowsy or groggy. If you've been having issues, this is definitely a MUST TRY! It's worth it!" —Anonvix

    Get a bottle of 50 gummies from Target for $15.49.

    3. A caffeine-free valerian tea to sip while you wind down with a good book. Avoiding caffeine after 2 p.m. gives your body enough time to work it out of your system so you can sleep easy.

    The tea
    @tradmedicinals / Via

    Promising review: This tea works exactly as advertised. Sometimes I will lie in bed for hours because I can't shut my brain off enough to fall asleep. When I drink a cup of this before bed, I fall asleep and stay asleep all through the night! Steep the tea as directed for the best results: for 10 to 15 minutes, in a cup covered to keep the steam from escaping. This will give you the most of the valerian root goodness! I feel like it takes me a full 30 to 60 minutes after drinking this tea for me to fall asleep, so give yourself time to steep the tea and drink it. Valerian root can be bitter, but this tea is blended with other herbs to make the taste is quite pleasant. The results are worth every penny." —The Degamos

    Get a box of 16 tea bags from Amazon for $4.78.

    4. A non-toxic, eco-friendly aromatherapy mist for spraying on your bed, pillows, room, and body. (Honestly, apply it the way middle school boys use Axe.) This one's made with lavender and chamomile, two herbs that are known for helping you relax.

    The spray bottle

    Promising review: "I think this spray might be helping me sleep better, but I'm not positive. What I am sure of is that it smells fantastic! I have tried other sleeping sprays (and just about every sleep product on the market for my resistant insomnia) and this is one of my favorites for just having such a great, comforting smell. It makes my bedroom feel cozier and more inviting (which can be hard for some of us who learn to hate our beds when we can't sleep). So, I think it contributes to my ability to sleep just by making my bed more inviting." —Wiwse

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (or Subscribe & Save for $14.19/month).

    5. A twistable travel pillow so you can get some shut-eye during your next road trip. The best part: you'll already be at your destination by the time you wake up. Reviewers with neck pain swear by this pillow for traveling as well as using in bed.

    Model resting their head on the pillow against a car window

    Promising review: "I bought this because I have been having neck pain when I wake up in the morning. I sleep using a foam wedge to keep me upright, and it's great if I'm just on my back, but I am a side sleeper, and a wedge + side-sleeping = neck pain! I originally came on Amazon to buy one of those C-shaped pillows, but I saw this and liked that I could twist the shape into what I needed. I've used it for two nights now and have had a great night's sleep without any pain in the morning. Definitely worth it for me to buy. Covering is soft, and while you can feel the moveable 'rod' that goes through it as you bend it, you don't feel it when you're resting on it." —Frugal Mom

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in three colors).

    6. A sound machine/night light for parents who could really use a night of uninterrupted sleep sometime this century.

    The light

    Promising review: "I have now had the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light for about six months. We started using it when we decided to sleep train our toddler. It works perfectly and is really easy to use and set up. I really like the app; I was easily able to customize everything for when he sleeps, wakes, and his nap time. For his night light, I used a soft amber color and in the morning I have it switch to green when he should be waking up. I think he is just now starting to grasp the concept of the colors, but I can see it being a lot more helpful in the near future. I saw some reviews stating that the white noise was louder than they had wanted it to be, but I did not find that to be the case with me. You can easily control the volume of the sound and the brightness of the light with multiple colors." —Pete

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99.

    7. A weighted blanket for anyone whose mind races when they're in bed. Using one may increase your serotonin levels because the weight mimics the sensation of being held or hugged. The release of serotonin and oxytocin (often nicknamed the "love hormone") can lower your stress levels and reduce some anxiety, may make it easier for you to drift off. This specific weighted blanket comes with two covers: one that'll keep hot sleepers cool and another that'll retain heat so you're cozy and warm.


    Promising review: "Imagine being trapped under a 15-pound bag of beans in a box half your size somewhere, but instead of being trapped you're comfortably cocooned and the bag of beans is actually just a blanket and you're in a bed that's the perfect size. Your initial thought of a 15-pound blanket is terrifying and confusing, but once it's on, you slip into absolute bliss. This blanket gives a sense of comfortability and security, no one with zero muscle tone will be able to disturb the deep slumber you will fall into while this blanket is on you. Great for falling asleep and putting aside the worries and concerns about the monsters under your bed trying to get you, because we all know they give up at the slightest inconvenience. Also it is really a great relaxation gift for others!" —Amazon Customer

    Get an 18-pound blanket from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in 10 weights and three colors).

    8. Or! This cheaper weighted blanket so you can test the weighted blanket waters without spending a boatload of money. This one doesn't have the same heating/cooling features as the previous blanket, but it can still get the job done.

    Reviewer snuggled under the blanket

    Promising review: "I never write reviews but thought I should after buying two of these blankets! I haven’t slept through the night for almost six years, thanks to a difficult pregnancy and baby. It trained my body to only sleep a couple hours at a time. I tried everything, and am shocked that a weighted blanket worked so magically! From restless legs, insomnia, anxiety, it is an instant fix! I have it draped over me while I write this and it feels amazing!" —Jenny

    Get a 15-pound blanket from Amazon for $49.90 (available in 14 sizes and weights and 37 colors).

    9. A Book of the Month subscription that'll supply you with a new read so you can wind down before bed instead of scrolling through Instagram until 2 a.m. Here's how it works: BotM selects five reads each month and you get to choose one (you can pay extra for more books). It's delivered straight to your door and then all you have to do is kick back, relax, and curl up with this month's pick.

    Selection of past books
    Book of the Month

    Check out our review of the Book of the Month if you're on the fence.

    Get your first month's books for $9.99 ($14.99/month after that).

    10. An oversized silk eye mask so you can sleep like a baby tonight. There's a reason thousands of people swear by it for blocking light.,

    Made with soft mulberry silk fibers, this luxe eye mask is larger than your average sleep mask, ensuring it's truly pitch black. The headband is adjustable so it won't tug or tangle your hair.

    Promising review: "This sleep mask keeps the light out and it is super comfortable. The strap is not too tight and the silk finish is soft on the eyes and surrounding area. Putting on the mask signals my body that it is time to sleep, which I think has helped me fall asleep faster and return to sleep more rapidly if I wake to use the bathroom at night. We purchased one for my husband who was recovering from brain surgery and needed darkness in the hospital and thereafter. It worked great." —Moore Family

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 29 colors).

    11. A set of blackout curtains to 1. block 85% to 99% of light from entering your room, 2. reduce noise, and 3. regulate the temperature so it's cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Prepare for the best sleep of your life!

    If you don't want to drill into the wall to install curtains, we recommend going with either a tension rod or Command hooks.

    Promising review: "I don’t know why I didn’t buy these years ago. I live in a dorm with old curtains that barely helped block the parking lot light at night, let alone the blazing morning sun out of my east-facing room. I got these curtains and can now get my room pitch dark at night and darker than I had ever had it before even with the harshest light. The curtain itself lights up a little with the most direct sunlight, but it is still easy to sleep through and doesn’t ever wake me up. One of the best decisions ever and I have no complaints." —MallardTop

    Get them from Amazon for $25.45+ (available in six sizes and 21 colors).

    12. A gel memory foam pillow for anyone whose old, lumpy cushions just aren't cutting it anymore. This one has a cool gel layer on one side that's basically music to my ears as a sweaty sleeper. The other side is memory foam so you also get proper neck support.

    The pillow

    Promising review: "My favorite pillow EVER! I’ve purchased them over and over. The coolness of my head no matter what the weather keeps me sleeping like a baby. They’re so great I have had some stolen (not joking)! These are not squishy; they're just extremely wonderful for a good night's sleep. The cool gel is amazing and it can be flipped over for a less cooling effect. Also great after surgery. Highly recommend and I will purchase again and again and again. Another natural pain-relieving product! I’m happy!" —Susan

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    13. And a memory foam orthopedic knee pillow to help reduce back strain, align your spine, promote better circulation, and alleviate pressure on your knees, especially for side sleepers.

    Reviewer with the pillow between their knees

    Promising review: "I suffer from bad sciatica, so I was so excited to get this. I immediately tried it and was disappointed. My knees/ legs were barely apart. They were pretty much still touching. I saved the packaging so i could send it back. That night I tried it again just to give it a fair shot. THAT NIGHT WAS THE FIRST NIGHT I SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT IN 6 WEEKS!!! And it wasn't a fluke. A week later and i'm still sleeping through the night. My hips are no longer sore in the morning, and it's not excruciating pain when I sit up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I am still in pain, especially when bending or stooping but the all day 'just for no reason pain' has gotten a lot better. I have no idea how but this thing works. I won't even lay on the couch without it now." —Stacey Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    14. A meditation cushion so you can calm your racing mind. Meditation triggers changes in your body — lowering heart rate and slowing breaths among others — that may ultimately help you fall asleep faster and stay that way.

    Meditating model sitting on the cushion

    Promising review: "I am somewhat new to the practice of meditation, but I love this pillow. It's firm and supports my back/hips, making it easier to sit for a longer period of time. I sit slightly forward so that my feet touch the floor. I was concerned when I read that it has buckwheat hull filling, it would hurt, but it doesn't. It's comfortable, and well worth the price. Much cheaper than other meditation pillows I've seen. It is a little hefty, so it would probably be a pain to travel with, especially because it keeps its shape. I would recommend this product for people who are both amateurs and seasoned to the practice of mediation." —Rebecca

    This cushion won BuzzFeed Review's budget pick for the best meditation cushion.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in three sizes and four colors).

    15. A jar of contour ear plugs to make it easier to drift off when you live with a roommate who snores, enjoys arguing with her long-distance partner at 3 a.m., or barks at every. single. noise because she's a dog.

    Reviewer holding the earplugs, which are about the size of a penny

    Promising review: "I'm a college student in a dorm with two other roommates and there is construction going on near the building. These are honestly the answer to my prayers for a good night's sleep. The first few weeks of living on campus sucked because one of my roommates doesn't understand the idea of being quiet when others are sleeping and construction trucks decided that 4 a.m. would be the perfect time to ride around in reverse, beeping away. I went from rudely being woken up before I needed to sleeping soundly until my own alarm goes off. They expand very comfortably in my ear, and, for the most part, they stay in all night. The contour really makes a difference. I've been able to use the same pair for quite a while and they still work great. Once they start falling out in your sleep a lot, then you know it's time to throw them away and get out two new ones, but a box of these can easily last me three months." —Danielle

    Get 50 pairs from Amazon for $14.99.

    Check out one BuzzFeed writer's full review of Flents Quiet Contour Ear Plugs/Earplugs and why she loves them.

    16. A Bluetooth sleep mask so you can lull yourself to sleep with the soothing sounds of your favorite song, podcast, or ASMR video. Each charge lasts up to eight hours, so they're also great for long road trips (as long as you're a passenger and not the driver!). Plus, they're wireless meaning no more untangling cables!

    Reviewer asleep wearing the mask

    Promising review: "I suffer from insomnia, so I decided to try this gadget. It was easy to connect with my Samsung phone. I played some relaxing music and turned it on; I was asleep in less than 15 minutes. My husband took a picture after I knocked out LOL. I am hoping that it continues to help me with my insomnia far two nights of peaceful sleep! I am happy!" —Los Kositos

    Get them from Amazon for $23.99.

    17. A three-layer door stopper that'll block out the sounds of annoying roommates while also maintaining the temperature in your room. Installation is easy: simply cut the strip to size and attach it to your door using the built-in adhesive backing.

    The doorstopper showing it touches the ground and doesn't let light or sound past it

    Promising review: "I’m renting an apartment and my front door doesn’t brush up against the floor. There was about an inch gap which was annoying because it meant light, noise, and bugs could get in. Ever since I’ve installed this, I’ve had almost no bugs, no light, and so much less sound! It’s great. The sound-blocking is especially amazing because my bedroom is near the front door and I hated hearing my neighbors conversations clear as day in the stairwell. It’s not totally noise cancelling but it’s so much better." —airazedy

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    18. A heated foot massager you'll have to fight your family members to use. The pulsing massage nodes will pamper your sore, tired feet until they don't hurt anymore = no more waking up in the middle of the night to throbbing feet.

    Reviewer with their feet on the massager

    Promising review: "I am on my feet for four to six hours a couple of days a week (usher at the local entertainment arena). When I get home, my feet hurt! This foot massager is AMAZING! It helps to relax my feet so that I can sleep. The next morning, I can get out of bed and walk without experiencing any pain. Great purchase." —Sonja

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

    19. Or, a foot roller to massage away the pain of a 12-hour shift — no partner needed!

    Reviewer rubbing their feet on the textured wooden rollers

    Promising review: "I love the product, use it daily. Initially, I used it to help my foot pain, or plantar fasciitis...I was told. The pain is gone now, but I still use it to relieve the stressfulness of long days. I find that (for me) using it just before bedtime help sueds and relax my feet, which help me to fall a sleep faster. It's amazing to know that when your feet feels good, your whole body fells better." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    20. A really great workout set because studies show that exercising can improve your sleep quality — and treating yourself to a cute and comfy sports bra and leggings may help you stick with your new habit.

    Lineup of models of different sizes and skin tones wearing the leggings

    I love my Girlfriend leggings and sports bras and could wax poetic about how fantastically and amazingly soft yet supportive they are. (In fact, I did just that; check out my full review here.)

    Check out Girlfriend's full selection of leggings here (I swear by the surprisingly affordable $68 high-rise compressive leggings) and bras here (the Paloma is hands down my fave!).

    21. A humidifier that'll add moisture to the air. This increases hydration to your hair and skin, plus it keeps your nasal passages moist, which has the added benefit of potentially helping prevent congestion. Here's to sleeping through the night *and* being able to breathe.

    The humidifier

    Promising review: "So for the last several weeks, I have been experiencing the negative effects of dry air in my home, particularly in my bedroom. My nose has been dry and sore with inflamed nasal passages along with my nose running 'like a sugar tree.' Sleeping with a fan as I have done for the past 15+ years became impossible. I don't know about you, but that combination makes for a miserable sleep. Anywho, I had never needed or used a humidifier until this purchase. Let's just say that my dreams have returned and I'm waking up to a nice mist rather than a pillow of Kleenex and a sore nose. Life is good." —Tracy Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    22. A pack of sound-dampening door bumpers so the sound of your partner shutting doors and closing cabinets doesn't wake you.

    The clear bumpers

    Promising review: "I live with a spouse who has a heavy hand when it comes to doors, cabinets, etc. He is what I call a slammer — I close things but he slams them! As our kitchen sits right below the master bedroom, I would finally drift off to sleep only to be awakened by slamming in the kitchen below! Not anymore!! These door bumpers are the best! High quality and they definitely do the job! They can be easily cut with a sharp scissors if need be. Our kitchen cabinets had a little ridge, so I had to cut some to make them fit. Easy to apply too — just peel off the backing and stick! Strong adhesive is an added bonus!" —Fitness Nana

    Get a sheet of 100 on Amazon for $6.99.

    23. A set of bed bands that'll keep your sheets in place so they don't slip and disturb your slumber.

    Promising review: "We have a rather deep mattress and added a memory foam topper, which gave our fitted sheet a real stretch to be able to securely tuck at the corners and not slip off. It would hold some of the time, but we frequently had a corner or two slip off during the night. It was disrupting sleep, so I was ready to safety pin the fitted sheet corners in place. However, no need for safety pins. After giving Bed Band a try our fitted sheet slipping problem is solved! The clamp design grips like iron, but the best part is the adjustable bands that allow for a quick final fit after installing the clamps. The other designs require that you adjust the bands first, and then stretch the clamps into place under tension. With Bed Band, you clamp each band into place without tension, then you use the quick adjuster to apply tension as needed. This makes for a much simpler installation, and with a product that by its nature needs to removed and re-installed repeatedly (sheet washing), ease of installation is critical. Bed Bands is the clear design winner here for both function and ease of installation. A stellar product design at an affordable price!" —Huancayo

    Get a pack of four bands from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in three colors).

    24. A set of relaxing bath bombs to enjoy a warm soak before bed. Research shows that baths can lower your core temperature, which not only helps you get to sleep, but it may also improve your quality of sleep. An ideal bath time is an hour or two before you want to snooze.

    The bath bombs

    Promising review: "I absolutely loved this product. The scents are full and fresh, and the colors are lovely when they are used. I adore the lavender for bedtime soaks; it's better than sleeping pills! And smells better too!" —Kindle Customer

    Get a box of 12 from Amazon for $26.80.

    25. A sleep-enhancing balm for anyone who's looking for a natural and organic option for beating bad sleep. It's made with chamomile, clary sage, valerian, lemon balm, lavender, extra virgin olive oil, and beeswax, so you can feel good about putting it on your skin.

    Promising review: "I have a difficult time being able to wind down from my stressful job at night and fall asleep, and I don’t want to take any oral sleep aids or meds, so I thought I’d give this balm a try. Just a little dab of the salve goes a long way! Every night right before bed, I apply some on my forehead and temples, gently massaging in a circular motion, and then to my wrists where my pulse is. The scent is very pleasant, a natural, herbal fragrance. Right away I notice a soothing, cooling sensation where I’m rubbing the balm into. The ointment itself feels clean and non-greasy going on! I’ve really benefited from using this balm. I find the combination of fragrance and cooling really relaxes and calms me as I’m resting!" —Janine Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    26. A pack of scented foot pads that'll not only make your feet smell fresh, but may also promote circulation to your feet to relieve pain and make it easier to sleep.

    Reviewer wearing the pads on their feet

    Promising review: "I love how I can feel the circulation once I have the pads on for awhile. They help me sleep, and I feel totally different in a good way in the morning!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a box of 20 from Amazon for $19.97.

    27. An adult swaddle for anyone who hasn't had a decent sleep since, well, they were in the womb. The Sleep Pod is like a weighted blanket in that it mimics the feeling of a hug to lower stress levels and soothe you to sleep, however it's designed to be more breathable than weighted blankets. No more sweaty sheets!

    Model wearing the swaddle in bed
    Hatch Sleep

    Promising review: "For a lifelong sufferer of miserable Restless Leg Syndrome, this is nothing short of a miracle! I was skeptical that the pod could help me, since nothing else has ever helped me, but I think since the pod contains my thrashing movements, I’m not waking myself up over and over at night. My dreams are typically very vivid and I usually don’t feel like I had a chance to turn my mind off and disconnect. I think I am getting more REM sleep with the pod because I haven’t remembered my dreams these past four nights. Also, I run hot so it’s a pleasant surprise that the pod truly is breathable and not sweaty." —Jennifer C

    Get it from Hatch Sleep for $99+ (available in two sizes).

    We're already dreaming about a good night's sleep!

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