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    28 Products That'll Help Anyone Who's Bad At Doing Their Hair

    Including an automatic hair curler, a comb-out cream, and a holy grail treatment if you bleach your hair.

    1. A hair finishing stick that'll clean up all those random strands that escape from ponytails and buns. It's basically like a mascara wand coated in natural plant oils for your hair.

    2. A set of flexible curling rods so you don't have to spend three hours in the morning curling your hair. Use them on wet or dry hair and then sleep on them. The results: perfect heatless curls.

    3. A collagen-coating hair treatment to revitalize a mane that's dry, damaged, and overprocessed as a result of your endless hair-styling attempts.

    4. A detangling spray if you've cried in frustration and pain because unknotting your hair is no joke. This one's made with argan oil, jojoba protein, quinoa extract, and shea butter so your comb will glide through your hair effortlessly. Also, it smells divine!

    the spray bottle

    5. A hot air brush for straightening your hair as it dries. This way you can ditch your round brush and hair dryer for an all-in-one tool and prevent the arm fatigue that inevitably happens halfway through your blow-dry.

    6. A scalp massager because a relaxing scalp massage is great for getting that blood flowing to your head while simultaneously breaking down buildup (hello hairspray and dry shampoo) that's making your hair oily and difficult to style. Starting with a clean slate can make working with your hair so much easier.

    7. A DreamGirls comb-out treatment that'll put an end to the pain and frustration of detangling natural hair. With its botanical-infused formula, brushing your kinks and coils will finally — finally! — be something you look forward to.

    The bottle

    8. And don't forget a detangling brush so you can stop using the phrase "rat's nest" to describe your hair before brushing it. This has flexible bristles that separate knots without pulling and breaking your strands.

    9. A L'Oréal blowout primer to speed up the drying process while simultaneously protecting it from your heat-styling tools. It works with any and all hair textures, be they straight, curly, or something in between.

    The spray bottle

    10. A Briogeo exfoliating shampoo if you need help preventing flakes and buildup. It penetrates deeply, lifting dead skin and leftover products. Plus, the cooling formula soothes itching with a combination of anti-fungal oils, as well as moisturizing coconut oil that prevents future flakes.

    Model with beautiful natural hair holding a tub of the shampoo

    11. Or a tub of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for treating your scalp to a deep clean that'll break through buildup so everything you use after can really penetrate your scalp.

    Reviewer showing off their natural hair and defined curls after using the mask

    12. A bottle of Fanola purple shampoo, because attempting to tone your hair is something you should probably just leave to the pros. This is good for between visits to your colorist, as it should remove just enough yellow tones from your hair that you can live without fretting about your color until your next salon appointment in a few weeks.

    13. A bottle of Olaplex No. 3, a splurge-worthy repairing treatment that'll revive your dry, damaged, colored hair. As someone who spends four-plus hours bleaching my hair every six to eight weeks, I can 100% vouch for this miracle in a bottle

    Before and after of BuzzFeed editor who used the treatment showing it made her damaged, frizzy bleached blonde hair look smoother, shinier, and healthier

    14. A color-depositing conditioner so you can skip the hassle and mess of at-home box dyes or the hefty price tag of a salon visit. Each time you wash your hair using this conditioner, the color will become more vibrant.

    15. A Neutrogena clarifying shampoo to break through hairsprays, dry shampoo, oils, and whatever else is gunking up your scalp. This will make your mane so much easier to style. Clarifying shampoos can dry out your skin if you use them too often, so we recommend using it once a week.

    16. SwirlyCurly hairpins if you're tired of ripping out hair every time you remove your bobby pins. These are specially designed with a completely smooth surface to minimize snagging and breakage. So genius! They're amazing for natural hair but can work with all hair types and styles.

    17. A Remington curling wand for anyone who needs convincing that curling their hair is something they could excel at. It has an LCD screen and 10 heat settings so you can pick the temperature that's right for you hair. And, there's also a swivel cord so you can hold the wand at any angle without worrying about the cord. But wait, there's more!! The ceramic coating means your curls will be shiny and frizz-free.

    18. A Chi automatic curling iron, because you deserve perfect curls in mere minutes. All you do is insert your hair into the chamber and the curler will automatically wrap it around the heated rod. Then, just wait until it beeps to let you know that the curl has set. The best part: the barrel protects your fingers from getting burned. As a clumsy person who's prone to singeing her fingers and is also terrified of burning off her hair, this genius tool gives me hope that I, too, will one day be able to curl my hair again without sustaining bodily injuries.

    19. A Nuele serum that'll grant you the soft, smooth, moisturized, tangle-free hair you've always wished for. Made of five nourishing oils — jojoba, argan, moringa, rosemary, and clary sage — this potent formula is your all-in-one, easy-to-use lightweight hair treatment.

    20. A Moroccanoil curl cream so you can embrace your kinks. It enhances your beautiful curls with its rich leave-in formula made with argan oil (makes your ringlets soft and bouncy), vitamin E (fights free radical damage and helps hair growth), and antistatic agents.

    21. An argan oil hair mask to repair your hair's elasticity and make it soft and shiny again. If you think you're awful at doing your hair, it could just be that split ends and dryness are making it hard to style your strands — and this deep conditioner can help with that. It's safe for all hair types and is paraben- and sulfate-free.

    22. A Verb hair oil if you'd like a good hair day in a bottle. How? Its weightless blend of moringa seed oil, bamboo extract, and argan oil simultaneously moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine while leaving behind a light, fresh scent (because no one needs to know this is third-day hair).

    23. A Cee Cee's Closet head wrap for protecting your hair from environmental stressors, like heat, humidity, and the sun in summer and dry air in the winter, and pulling your look together when you 1,000% cannot be bothered to wash your hair. The prints are so beautiful that you'll look fabulous no matter which way you tie it.

    Model wearing a bright orange head wrap with pops of blue, brown, and gray

    24. A foolproof donut bun maker, because we all know the struggle of wrapping our hair into a bun only for random pieces to immediately fall out.

    25. A Batiste dry shampoo that'll sop up grease and oils so you can go longer between washes. If this isn't the epitome of a lazy person's beauty product, then I don't know what else is.

    26. A hair repair serum with hydrating argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E so you can literally just brush your mane in the morning and you're good to go. Hello, frizz-free hair!

    Reviewer's before and after showing the serum added shine and reduced frizziness

    27. A pack of cute headbands to get your tresses up and out of your face. Bad hair days, meet your new worst enemy.

    28. A set of satin pillowcases if you'd prefer to wake up with less frizz and breakage. If you seriously can't use anything else on this list, the one thing that's 100% doable is to switch to satin pillowcases.

    Reviewer before and after showing their hair was less frizzy when they woke up after sleeping on the silk pillowcase

    Just one hair god sharing tips on how to have equally amazing hair:

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