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    23 Problem-Solving Products For Anyone Who Drives In The Summer

    Including car fans so people in the backseat can finally get some air, a detailer that'll dislodge dog hair from your carpets, and a bug-guts remover you need in preparation for love bug season.

    1. A cleaning brush for gently lifting spilled ice cream and other sticky stains your kids' summer treats will leave on your leather or upholstery. The soft bristles are tough on dirt but gentle on your car's interior so you can get rid of any evidence that's baked into your car seats thanks to the blistering summer heat.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the brush lifted and lightened stains on upholstered seats

    2. A leather cleaner and conditioner if the summer sun is cracking and fading your seats. This liquid takes dirt and oils with it while leaving behind a nourishing barrier that helps prevent further UV damage. It's also safe to use on your leather jacket, shoes, and furniture.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the products got rid of the cracks in their leather car seats

    3. A special hair-removing silicone brush to loosen the pet fur that's lodged in your car's carpets. Summertime is the best time to bring your dog with you on any outdoor excursions, but it's also the worst time because Fido is shedding his spring coat, which means your carpets and backseats are covered in fur.

    Reviewer photo of their car's carpets and you can clearly see the pile of fur that the detailer has removed from the carpet

    4. A handheld cordless vacuum that'll suck up the pet hair, sand, dirt, and mud that's embedded in your car's carpets. In the summer you're constantly in and our of your car so you need a vacuum that can keep up with your messes.

    5. A stick-on shade so you can protect your car's interior from sun damage and fading.

    The shade on a rear back seat side window

    6. And a sunshade windshield cover because the sun's rays can crack and fade the dashboard. Plus, it'll keep the interior a tiny bit cooler so you don't burn your bum and thighs on a hot leather seat.

    The cover

    7. A heat-resistant steering wheel cover for any unsuspecting driver who's gotten into a car on a hot summer's day and seared their hands on the steering wheel. It's also great if you have sweaty hands and need some extra grip.

    Reviewer photo of the steering wheel cover

    8. A pack of seat belt covers if you're tired of itchy, scratchy polyester seat belts chafing your collarbone. In the summer you're less likely to be wearing layers so this'll protect your skin from constant rubbing.

    The padded seatbelt cover

    9. A set of car fans to ensure everyone — even the people in the third row — can cool down on a hot day. There's nothing worse than sitting in the backseat and constantly asking the driver to crank up the AC because there are no air vents in the back.

    The dual fans, which wrap around the back of the headrest.

    10. A bug remover that'll eliminate the bug guts on your windshield, grille, and side mirrors *without* leaving behind a streaks or a greasy film.

    Reviewer before and after photo showing the cleaner removed all the bug carcasses from their side mirror so its shiny again

    11. And a "waterless" washing kit so you can clean your car in sections instead of soaking your entire vehicle and then trying to clean it before the summer sun evaporates all the water. Just spray and wipe dry!

    12. A plastic restorer because the sun has faded your fenders and trim and this'll help return them to their former glory. It's safe to use on vinyl and rubber so you can put it to work around the house too.

    13. A waterproof trash can for holding all the garbage you'll inevitably accumulate on one of your many summer road trips.

    The trash can in different places in the car

    14. And speaking of summer road trips, a pack of silicone baking cups to catch any future crumbs and spills so your gas station ICEEs don't leave any sticky residue in your cup holders.

    Reviewer photo of the baking cups in a cup holder

    15. Or a pack of universal cup holders with raised lips to stabilize your any cold drink you're sipping this summer.

    16. A collapsible trunk organizer that'll neatly store all your outdoorsy summer gear with room to spare for road trip necessities like snacks, a first aid kit, and jumper cables.

    17. Or a trunk divider that attaches to your car with Velcro so you can maximize every inch of storage space for your summer essentials. It can fit in the weird nooks and crannies of your trunk that bulkier organizers are too big for.

    18. A handy change holder because summer adventures mean you'll probably end up driving through some tollbooths. It fits in your cup holder so you don't hold up the line trying to find exact change.

    Reviewer photo of the change holder, which has slots for the four different coins

    19. A dip clip from Shark Tank for holding your sauces so you can dunk your fries and nuggies in the car (just please no dipping and driving!).

    The clip attached to an air vent holding a sauce container

    20. A pet-proof seat cover if you want to bring Fluffy on your hike or beach trip but don't want a backseat covered in sand, dirt, and fur.

    21. A backseat organizer to hold your cleaning supplies and travel necessities. It even has a built-in iPad holder so your little ones can watch Moana for the third time this road trip.

    22. A kick mat that'll protect your leather or fabric seats from dirty shoes or feet. Having the grandkids for the day is a fun summer activity, but removing scuff marks their shoes left on your seats is not.

    The kick mat on the back of the driver's seat

    23. A pair of escape tracks so you can go off-roading this summer without worrying about getting stuck in the sand, mud, or snow in the winter.

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